A Comprehensive Guide, to Flower Planting and Garden Design


When it comes to transforming your space into a flourishing oasis having a knack for gardening is just the beginning. At Progressive Lawn and Landscape Inc we take pride in going and beyond to provide services. From removing stumps to tree care, stump grinding and planting bushes our expertise ensures that your property not looks stunning but thrives with health and vitality. In this blog post we will explore the intricacies of one of our services – flower planting. 

Designing Your Garden; 

The exterior of your home holds importance as the interior. If you’re not finding tranquility in your garden it might be time for a redesign. At Progressive Lawn and Landscape Inc  we have an in depth understanding of flower planting and Florida soil making gardening hassle free for you. Your garden serves as a point for your landscape contributing life, beauty and value to your home. By providing expert guidance on plant choices soil health maintenance and garden layout designs we can collaborate on growing a garden

Our Expertise with Florida Soil;

Gardening in Florida presents its set of challenges; however, our team, at Progressive Lawn and Landscape Inc knows what can thrive in our soil conditions.

Whether you’re an expert gardener or just starting out our team is here to assist you every step of the way. We’ll make sure your garden thrives in its surroundings taking advantage of Florida’s sunny climate. Native plants are an option, for a low maintenance garden as they are well adapted to the conditions and require less water due, to their drought tolerant nature. Different Garden Designs to Suit Your Needs;

At Progressive our top priority is ensuring customer satisfaction. We offer a range of garden design services and flower planting that can cater to any style you desire. If you’re unsure which design would work best for your landscape, take a look, at the following options;

  1. Native Garden;

Create a scenery using the plants Florida has to offer. This design promotes sustainability. Requires maintenance while also supporting the local environment. 

  1. Sensory Garden;

If relaxation is what you seek a sensory garden is perfect for you. These gardens incorporate water features and natural elements that provide soothing sounds, pleasant aromas and captivating sights. 

  1. Rock Garden;

For those who prefer low maintenance options a rock garden is a choice. It offers an aesthetic. Eliminates the hassle of caring for numerous plants. For those seeking low-maintenance solutions, a rock garden presents a viable option. It offers visual appeal without the demands of tending to numerous plants. Employing slate chippings in your garden further eliminates the burden of extensive plant care

  1. Coastal Garden;

If your area experiences conditions and abundant sunlight consider opting for a garden design. It brings the vacation vibe right to your property. 

  1. Design Your Own;

Feel free to personalize your garden according to your preferences! Take inspiration from styles. Create something entirely unique that reflects your individuality. 

Abundant Plant Options; 

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No matter which garden design you select at Progressive we can assist in filling it with plants that thrive throughout the year. From Florida flowers like Coreopsis and pentas to Mexican heather, zinnia, hibiscus and more – we have an array of colors and textures available for you to choose from! Additionally purposeful plants such, as sage, bee balm. Milkweed attract pollinators that contribute to maintaining a healthy garden and environment.

Not is your garden design aesthetically pleasing. It also serves practical purposes. It can be a space, for socializing and entertaining guests well as a safe playground for children and pets. Additionally, it offers a serene environment where you can unwind after a day, at work. Progressive takes into account your requirements. Creates a garden layout that perfectly aligns with your needs ensuring that you can fully appreciate the natural beauty of your surroundings. 

Here’s How It Works; 


Once we have a conversation, we’ll conduct an analysis of your site to understand its conditions and requirements. 


Let us know your preferences. We’ll bring your vision to life with our expertise.


Using the materials and meticulous care we will cultivate your garden to ensure a fruitful harvest and vibrant plants.


Upon completion we will conduct a walkthrough to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.


With our lawn maintenance and property cleanup services you can trust us to keep your garden looking its best, around the clock.

Design Elements to Consider; 

To kickstart the journey of creating your dream garden take into account these design elements; 

Raised Garden Beds;

For a touch and improved soil drainage, raised beds offer space for plant roots to breathe freely. 

Choice of Materials;

You can opt for materials such as stone, wood or metal. Alternatively get creative with shells terra cotta, tiles or recycled plastic for a garden design.

Structural Elements;

Enhance the structure. Add a hint of romance by incorporating trellises, pergolas or gazebos in your garden layout. 

Pathways, Hedges and Fences;

Create orderliness with designed pathways while ensuring privacy and borders, with hedges and fences. Water Features;

Elevate your experience with the enchantment of water features drawing in wildlife and creating an ambiance.

Extending Your Living Space Outdoors;

Your yard serves as an extension of your home. Take advantage of Florida’s climate. Fashion a tranquil oasis right, outside your doorstep.

Patio or Porch;

Turn your area into a social hub by incorporating patios or porches. Enhance the space with inviting swings grills, fireplaces or fire pits for an al fresco living encounter. 

Creating an Eco Garden Ecosystem;

Revamping your garden goes beyond appearances; it’s, about cultivating a sustainable ecosystem. Progressive Lawn and Landscape Inc puts emphasis on the importance of incorporating plants to support the local biodiversity. By choosing Flower Planting that are naturally found in Florida your garden becomes a welcoming haven for pollinators, beneficial insects and local wildlife. This sustainable approach not enhances the health of your garden but also contributes to the broader ecological balance making your outdoor space a thriving interconnected system.

In an eco-garden we prioritize the use of fertilizers and environmentally conscious pest control methods. Progressive is dedicated to practicing eco techniques to ensure that your garden not looks stunning but also aligns with principles of environmental responsibility fostering a harmonious coexistence between your home and nature. 

Optimizing Space; Vertical. Versatile Areas; 

When space is limited Progressive Lawn and Landscape Inc explores solutions to make the most out of every inch in your area. Consider the beauty and functionality of gardens where Flower Planting gracefully climb up walls or trellises adding a visual element, to your space. Vertical gardens not maximize space. Also serve as captivating focal points in your garden. 

Furthermore, we encourage creating functional areas within your garden that can serve various purposes simultaneously.

Your garden has the potential to go beyond being aesthetically pleasing. It can become a space where you can incorporate seating areas, cozy reading corners or even an outdoor kitchen seamlessly into your garden design.