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6 Full Stack Development Trends to Keep an Eye On [List For 2023]

With time, the penetration of full-stack development is becoming deeper and more significant. Those who have a hold over the industry trends are fully aware of the fact that the upwards growth of this development isn’t going to face any downfall anytime soon.

Recently, the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics revealed that the web developer domain will likely witness a whopping 27% growth by the end of 2024. Among all the developers, full-stack developers have a wide reach globally. 

As full stack development allows the business to carry out both front and backend development simultaneously, it’s preferred by many. Whether you have already adopted this development approach or are planning to hire full stack developer shortly, being aware of the newsmakers and latest trends is imperative. 

Up next, we’re going to present you with a crisp list of some of the most talked-about full stack development trends for 2023. 

Use of AI 

AI or Artificial Intelligence, as we all know it, is redefining every IT aspect and full-stack development is not an exception. More and more AI-based tools are in demand and as a full-stack developer or business willing to adopt this development approach, you must learn what all it takes to use AI. 

The real-time example is Google’s business strategy which offers a strict AI-based stack that involves AI infrastructure and tools market. Because of this AI stack, Google has strengthened its cloud computing reach and is giving tough competition to AWS. 


As you plan to use AI, don’t forget to learn how to use AI in ML, high-performing computing, and big data analysis.

Revolve development around Blockchain 

Blockchain has caused much surge in the IT sphere since its inception. This distributed database makes data storage in a highly secured manner. It’s a key technology for smart contracts, identity management, and supply chain management. 


As you hone your full-stack development skills, try to learn about Blockchain and start offering full-stack blockchain development services. Trust us! It will sell like a hot cake. 

Switch to low code

Those who want to keep an eye on all the leading full stack development trends should know that #nocode is trending like anything. 

Coding is the most tedious aspect of application development, and many businesses want a viable alternative to this. If you want to keep pace with the leading demands, start offering full-stack services that demand the least possible coding. 

Low code development is a leading Full-Stack development trend to follow in 2023 and beyond as organizations of all sorts are looking for no low tools. 

With low code tools and technology, applications will have less time to market and won’t demand much hassles. 

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality, or MR, is a term used to refer to the blend of VR and AR. Even though these two technologies are highly potent as a standalone solution, the current industry must demand a merger of these two. Hence, we have MR or Mixed Reality. 

As you plan to hire full stack developer, make sure the candidate is acquitted with this technology as its demand is growing with each passing day. Applications developed using MR are going to provide a more immersive experience. 

Don’t try to overlook this trend, especially when you’re developing an application for games, education, healthcare, and training purposes. However, be aware of the fact that the technology is not very much mature, and you need to make more than usual efforts to bring it into action. 

Python continues to remain a favorite coding language 

While there is no dearth of coding languages, Python remains the most preferred coding language for full-stack development. JavaScript comes next in line. 

Consider PWA 

PWA, or Progressive Web Applications, are becoming highly famous and as a full-stack development service provider, you need to hone your skills so much so that you’re able to develop responsive PWAs. 


These apps basically combine the features and facilities of mobile apps, web apps, and desktop apps. Because of this feature, PWAs are winning customers’ hearts. Businesses are ready to invest in PWA app development as they increase conversion and customer retention by a great margin. So, if you haven’t started offering PWA development apps, consider doing it now. 

Get Ready For Advanced Full Stack Development  

Full stack development is a trend that will witness a slowdown shortly, and as a key player in this domain, you should know which trend is making high waves and which is disappointing. The above list explains many things, But perfect app development needs more than this. Outsourcing full-stack development services is a great move to make.

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