5 Practical Farm Tools Worth Getting for Your Small Farm

Some animals have found a way to grow their own food. However, when it comes to agriculture, humans are undisputedly superior. The reason?

It’s because we use tools.

Farming success has always depended on the equipment developed through the ingenuity of man. It doesn’t matter if your farm is big or small; you’re still gonna need farm tools.

For a smaller operation, big machinery doesn’t make much sense. The tools and equipment should fit the needs, scale, and budget of your small farm. If you have a small farm, choosing proper farm equipment is critical to a successful venture.

Which agricultural implements are truly essential? Here are five tools and equipment that are worth the investment!

1. Tractor

If you’re operating a farm without a tractor, you’re already off to a bad start.

Tractors are your modern-day workhorses. They do so many things for any farm that it’s hard to imagine getting any work done without one. With the right attachments, you can use tractors for plowing, raking, baling, mowing, harvesting, etc.

Tractors come in different sizes and horsepower. For a small farm, you can look at the compact tractor utility range which should have enough power and hitch rating for any work that you want to get done.

2. Pick-up Truck

This one is another no-brainer. Of course, a truck will never replace a tractor but you still need to get off the farm every once in a while. With your good ol’ pick-up, you can get around the farm quicker and make long trips if needed.

Pick-ups are designed for hauling. The truck bed can accommodate your farming tools, feed, and other loads. Hitch on a trailer and you can transport almost anything, like your livestock, lumber, and produce.

3. Power Tools

Fencing and general maintenance on your farm is back-breaking work. Needless to say, you can’t secure your farm without proper fencing. For that task, a post driver is a godsend.

To clear unwanted vegetation, a chainsaw and a brushcutter come in handy.

As a farmer, building and crafting things are included in the job description. Building tools such as a circular saw, power drill, and an electric screwdriver will see a lot of use. Lumber carts make it easier to haul the wood that you need to complete a project.

4. Gardening Farm Tools

These are the tools for a farm that you just can’t do without.

The essential tools are a hoe, shovel, pitchfork, rake, sickle, and wheelbarrow. There’s a lot of manual stuff to do and these farming tools have been used since the early ages of agriculture.

5. Livestock Equipment

If you have animals on your farm, these are the tools that are necessary to keep them in good health.

Aside from fencing to keep your livestock enclosed, you’ll also need feed storage and a feed scoop. Self-filling water troughs remove the painstaking work of keeping them hydrated. Depending on the weather in your area, you might also want to purchase a heater to keep them comfy during the winter.

Farm Life Made Easier and Better

Ask anyone and they would tell you that farming isn’t easy. It’s hard work but that’s why humans invented farm tools. To ensure that your small farm will flourish, invest in the right type of farm equipment.

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