5 Features for Creating a Comfortable BUT Productive Home Office

5 Features for Creating a Comfortable BUT Productive Home Office

Working from home has many benefits and with more Australians choosing remote work, creating a dynamic workstation is essential for overall success. Whether your home office is in your guest bedroom, a small nook in the living room or an entirely separate annex, certain features enhance productivity and creativity. 

One excellent idea is to install skylights to bring in more natural lighting. How else can you create a home office that encourages productivity and creativity so you can get your work done proficiently?

Keep reading as we share some great ideas for converting your home office.

5 Features for Creating a Comfortable AND Productive Home Office

1. Office Furniture: The Importance of Ergonomics

If you’re limited in space in the home, your dining table may become your workspace! If that is the case, make sure you use a comfortable chair that allows for spinal support and a healthy seating posture. Ideally, you should use an ergonomically designed office chair—simply store it out of sight when you’re not working. 

Your table or desk should be big enough to hold your computer or laptop, paperwork and other stationery while you’re working – 150 cm width is the most practical size. However, desktop space does depend on the type of work you do.

To prevent straining your neck, your desk or table shouldn’t be too high – a height of 70 to 75 cm is acceptable. 

2. Lighting: Artificial and Natural Sources

Proper lighting in the workplace is important for overall productivity and helps with:

  • Reducing eye strain, fatigue and headaches
  • Preventing errors and stress
  • Improving cognitive function
  • Enhancing positive moods

The right artificial lighting in your home office will ensure you meet all these benefits. But, if possible, you should get as much natural lighting as well. This can be done by having large windows or installing skylights Sydney remote workers love using in their home workspaces. Natural lighting improves moods while increasing workplace productivity and creativity.

3. Storage: Reduce Clutter and Improve Workflow 

Clutter is detrimental to constructive workflow and storage is vital for keeping your office tidy while having easy access to important documents and other items. The right storage such as shelving, a filing system and stationery holders allows for improved productivity and workflow. It’s even more essential if you’re working in a small space.

Well-organised storage systems let you work efficiently without wasting time searching for documents or other items. A neat office cultivates calmness and order, both vital for a dynamic but comfortable home office. Consider the following storage solutions:

  • Adjustable shelving to meet the growing needs of your business
  • Digital storage to streamline your home office filing, data and backups
  • Filing cabinets and organisers to store and protect crucial paperwork

4. Roof and Room Ventilation: A Cool and Airy Home Workspace

A comfortable home office should be well-ventilated and cool even on hot summer days. However, managing the ventilating and cooling needs of a room can be expensive and finding an eco-friendly option is helpful for those who prefer sustainable living. 

Installing a roof ventilation system is energy-efficient and includes benefits such as:

  • Reduced heat and moisture buildup
  • Less fungal and mould damage to house infrastructure
  • Reduced air conditioning costs
  • Better room ventilation

An airy room with the right temperature helps you focus better. And with the right roof and room ventilation system, you can save on costly energy bills too!

5. Technology: Taming the Wires for a Neater Workspace

Most remote workers rely on a desktop computer or laptop and a WiFi connection to get their jobs done professionally. Technology plays a huge role in home offices but it can quickly become messy if you don’t tame the wires!

Computers, printers, desktop lighting and other workplace electrical gadgets require wiring to function. However, you can minimise wires by having the following items:

  • Wireless router
  • Wireless mouse and printer
  • A cabling tamer to keep the wires on the floor in a neat bundle

Furthermore, attaching wires to the underside or legs of your desk will help keep them in one place while creating an orderly and neat office workspace. 

Other Key Features for a Productive Home Workspace

  • Greenery: Indoor plants keep your workspace air clean and fresh, promoting productivity and creativity
  • Motorised blinds: Remote control features make it easier to operate the blinds when you’re busy with a task, reducing glare and improving privacy when you need it most.
  • Flooring: Vinyl planks are a long-time investment that’s durable while carpeting is low maintenance and creates a cosy office space.

Final Thoughts

The right features can enhance your home office while encouraging productivity and creativity when you work. But, comfort is equally important so make sure you get all the benefits of home office design features so you can work efficiently and professionally.