4 Jewelry Display Ideas for Retail

Jewelry stores are usually some of the most beautiful in the retail space around the world. Sheer expensive prices of jewelry products call for beautiful luxurious displays that match the expensive jewelry presenting it beautifully and richly for customers. When setting up your jewelry displays, you will need beautiful Jewelry Display Ideas for Stores that can make a beautiful style statement for your products and jewelry brand alike.

When looking for jewelry display ideas, store owners need to focus on overall design themes that can make the whole store interior look appealing. These are luxurious products and people will be spending quite a lot to buy what they came to get. Only the very best designs get appreciated by people boosting jewelry brand image in the process.

If you are looking for ideas on how to Display Jewelry for Sale in jewelry stores, here are a few that can help your offer an elegant luxurious look:

1: Make It All Bling, Bling, and Bling Some More

Whether you look at in rap music videos or on luxurious parties, jewelry is all about that bling. Jewelry shines bright and one of the best jewelry display implementations is to have everything bling in your store. Even for Portable jewelry display cases for craft shows, bling jewelry displays will capture maximum attention and make jewelry items look just the way they are meant to.

This bling can be created by using all those jewelry items and with everything that surrounds them as well. Your walls can have certain jewelry items hung on it using fixtures and mounts. Counters and tables should get jewelry cases having smaller items placed in them as well. Even the ceiling should be made to shine and bling. The color Gold is associated with jewelry stores a great deal, use that to maximum effect. Whatever jewelry items you can find including Gold, Diamonds, Pearls or shiny stones will help in bringing that bling to your store display.

2: Natural Stone Slab Shelves Work Great in a Jewelry Store

Want to create an elegant, natural and beautiful jewelry display in your store? Try a natural stone slab shelf in any design orientation that you prefer. This rustic slab will make all your colorful jewelry products look great and bring the real presentation out of them. That lone large sized slab can be used for the counter alone or you can continue this design theme all around your jewelry store to create a more professional and uniform look. Depending on how the rest of your store is set up, both these ideas can look great when done right.

We personally recommend stone slabs arranged in a way that your jewelry items look like they are coming out of a cave. This will help create a unique look and on these large slabs, you can also place some stone-carved hands or sculptures warring them your jewelry items for a more elegant and natural look. The whole vibe of your jewelry store will be amazing with this unique implementation and if you can throw in a couple of natural looking water streams here and there, the cave-like natural environment will be discussed in the community for a long time.

3: Give It a Vintage Age Old Look

Then there is that prospect of a truly vintage age-old look with your jewelry display store. This one is best supported when you are setting up a new jewelry store and can lay out that tone for your store in the times to come. Fill your jewelry store up with vintage leather display items like a leather surfaced counter, a leather jewelry case for rings, large leather bags on tables with jewelry items on them and so on.

This age-old vintage leather look will work in your store’s favor when designing your store to attract customers. Not only will you be able to present your jewelry products more beautifully but the one leather color tone for your store will provide it that uniform look. Make sure to have bright yellow lights in a leather-filled store and the whole color pitch will be an elegant one.

4: Realistic Life Size Jewelry Displays

One of the most popular and beautiful ways to display jewelry products is to do it with real life-size mannequins, body forms or sculptures. Get a full torso mannequin or a body form and wear your beautiful necklace or locket on it. Get a full human-sized mannequin forearm and wear your rings, gold bangles or other hand and finger jewelry on it.

These will not only provide your customers a true to life look as to how the jewelry item will look when worn but will also make all items much more presentable as well. Make sure to get dark or plain colored mannequins or body forms that put the highlight on the jewelry items. Check out all ideas of this nature, these can make your jewelry displays a lot cooler and realistic at the same time.

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