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2 minutes to prepaid phone recharge


All it takes is a couple of minutes of your time, and a web-enabled device, to complete your prepaid phone recharge online. Let’s see how this is done.

Using a mobile phone is one of the easiest tasks in today’s world. Though most smartphones today are densely packed with many features, they are quite easy to navigate and anybody can use them with a little practice.

But your smartphone is only as good as the SIM card connection that powers it. The best of phones can be rendered totally useless if your SIM is not activated or recharged whenever required.

Meanwhile, it is equally easy to use a prepaid phone connection. When you take a prepaid SIM from a leading service provider, you will find that there is very little to distinguish the connection from a postpaid one. You get a huge number of daily GBs (at least 1.4 GB per day) and superfast network speeds with leading mobile service providers in India.

Also, the online recharge process for your phone is really simple when you take the connection with a reputed provider. Even if you are not used to the online payment modes, it is by far the easiest and most convenient method of recharge, whether for your phone or for the DTH connection.

You can do the online recharge of your phone or DTH connection in just a few steps. These are the steps to follow for prepaid phone recharge using your service provider’s website:

* Log on to the website, and click on ‘Prepaid’ that you see on the home screen.

* You will see an option for ‘Recharge’. Click on it and look for the words ‘Prepaid recharge’, which applies for both phone and DTH recharge.

* Choose phone prepaid recharge, and enter your 10-digit phone number to proceed.

* Leading service providers offer quick recharge options in ascending order of payment. You can choose any of these, or proceed to input a specific recharge amount for your existing prepaid pack.

* Use any of the online recharge payment modes shown on the screen: net banking, mobile wallet, debit/credit card, UPI apps, etc. The recharge amount is debited from your account instantly, and the recharge is considered done when the money is credited to the service provider. Meanwhile, you can keep using your phone as you always do, there is no need to wait for the provider’s confirmation on whether the money has been credited or not.

* You must follow a similar process, as directed, when you use the provider’s smartphone app to do the prepaid recharge via the phone.

That’s it – it takes just a couple of minutes to do the online recharge. When you do it often enough, you will spend less and less time on it.


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