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10 Common Myths About Locksmiths You Should Not Believe


Locks and keys have been part of human civilisation for centuries, and locksmiths have been the guardians of our security, entrusted with the task of keeping our homes, businesses, and possessions safe. Yet, despite their essential role, a cloud of myths and misconceptions often shrouds the locksmith profession. 

Let’s embark on a journey to demystify these myths and uncover the truth behind the craft of residential locksmith

Myth 1: Locksmiths Only Deal with Lockouts

Beyond rescuing you from an accidental lockout, locksmiths offer an array of services that extend far beyond just opening doors. They possess expertise in lock installation, key-cutting, and security assessments and can repair even the most complex locking mechanisms. 

Moreover, some locksmiths also specialise in specific areas, such as automotive or commercial locks. It means when you call for specialised locksmiths in eastern suburbs, they can provide tailored solutions to meet various needs. With their advanced knowledge and experience, locksmiths are invaluable for anyone seeking to enhance their security measures.

Myth 2: All Locksmiths Are the Same

Despite sharing the same job title, locksmiths possess varying skills, experience, and specialisation levels. 

Much like a budding painter can’t hope to achieve the same level of mastery as a seasoned artist, locksmiths’ expertise levels can differ greatly. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully research and select a reputable locksmith to avoid subpar service and potential security vulnerabilities.

Myth 3: Locksmiths Have a Universal Price Structure

When considering opting for emergency locksmith services, it is vital to keep in mind that various factors affect the cost of these services. A few of them are as follows-

  • Residential locksmith’s location
  • Location of the place of service
  • The time of service: evening and night timings may call for excess amounts
  • Complexity of the job
  • Other critical factors, such as replacement of fittings, etc

One must obtain a clear estimate beforehand to avoid any unexpected surprises regarding the bill.

Myth 4: Locksmiths Can Instantly Pick Any Lock

In today’s age, traditional mechanical lock systems have become obsolete, as they lack the necessary level of sophistication required to ensure foolproof security. Instead, modern lock systems have become increasingly advanced, utilising cutting-edge technology to make picking locks an incredibly difficult task. 

Residential locksmiths require great expertise and specialised tools to effectively manipulate different types of locks and overcome advanced security measures. Their knowledge enables them to offer essential services to individuals and businesses, ensuring they meet their security requirements with the utmost precision and care.

Myth 5: Locksmiths Don’t Require Training or Certification

It is of utmost importance to bear in mind that proper training and certification are crucial elements that contribute significantly to a locksmith’s credibility and competence. Acquiring rigorous training enables locksmiths to handle an array of lock types, security systems, and ethical practices easily and efficiently. 

Thus, you must ensure your selected locksmith is certified to guarantee that you are dealing with a legitimate professional who can provide reliable, high-quality services.

Myth 6: Locksmiths Only Work with Physical Locks

Security systems have changed a lot in today’s world. Residential locksmiths, the people who help with locks, have also changed. Now, they work with electronic and smart locks, often used in homes and businesses.

Because technology is improving, locksmiths are learning new things to keep up. They want to be good at helping with the new security technology. They do this to ensure they can always help people who need to safely get into their homes and places of work.

Locksmiths keep learning about the newest things in their field. This way, they can keep giving good and safe solutions to people who need help with their locks.

Myth 7: Locksmiths Can Always Create a Key from Scratch

Although locksmiths can generate keys from either impressions or codes, certain locks have intricate mechanisms that render the creation of a key from scratch impractical. In situations like these, alternative methods are helpful to access the locked item or property successfully.

Myth 8: Locksmiths Can’t Help with Car Lockouts

Specialising in resolving all kinds of car-related lock and key issues, automotive locksmiths in eastern suburbs are highly skilled professionals with extensive knowledge and experience. They can assist with tasks such as transponder key programming, key fob replacements, and many other solutions to modern car lockouts. With their expertise, you can ensure they will provide the best possible service to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

Myth 9: Locksmiths Will Damage Doors or Locks

When you want to keep your property safe, relying on the experts is smart. Good locksmiths know how much your doors and locks matter, and they make them a big deal. They’re good at using their skills to fix things without harming your property. You can feel confident that your property is safe with their helpful ideas.

Myth 10: Locksmith Services Are for Emergencies

Locksmiths play a crucial role in enhancing security through preventive measures. They can advise on security upgrades, install advanced locks, and provide insights to safeguard your home or business proactively.

In Conclusion

Debunking these myths unravels the complex world of locksmiths. Armed with accurate information, you can now make informed decisions when engaging their services, ensuring your security is in capable hands. Remember, the locksmith’s craft combines skill, knowledge, and dedication to keeping your world safe.

Open Locksmith has more than 25+ years of experience in assisting home and business owners to overcome all their woes related to keys. Contact us in case there is anything related to keys that worries you.

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