Work, Work, Work: How Do Coworking Spaces Work?

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You’re working from home right? Once the initial novelty of working in our PJs wears off, we may find ourselves feeling cooped up and uninspired. We are tired of our own company, yet coffee shops and public spaces are too distracting.

If this sounds familiar to you, then a coworking setting might be the perfect fit!

This growing industry offers space as a service; a location that anyone can use to be productive. Working from home can be isolating. Coworking spaces provide a place where you can work and focus while still maintaining a social atmosphere.

Can this work for you?

Why Cowork?

It’s no secret that remote workers and freelancers get lonely sometimes. Coworking spaces mean we can all work together but on our own terms. They’re places where creatives, professionals, business minds, and start-ups come together.

Working remotely suits a lot of people, but there are times when getting motivated is a challenge. Coworkers support one another, celebrate wins together, and provide accountability.

Coworking provides more opportunities to connect and network.

Having all the amenities of traditional offices, coworking spaces provide other advantages. You can find an enriching culture of collaboration, effort, and idea building. All along with a sense of personal autonomy and control over how and when you work.

How Do Coworking Spaces Work?

Behind every coworking space is a carefully planned system of organization. Most places have a registration desk and a receptionist. You will be guided to a desk and set up with the facilities you need.

Different membership packages may include pay-by-use, monthly, or annual plans. Your membership might include a few added benefits, such as 24/7 access or faster internet speeds. You can even use day passes to try out a couple of coworking spaces to see which is the best fit for you.

A company can rent office space for a small team of employees without needing a long-term lease. The team can make use of conference rooms, equipment, and facilities. These are amenities that solopreneurs and freelancers share too.

In 2019, there were more than three million coworkers worldwide. By 2022, this number will have almost doubled according to statistics.

Finding Your Space

Do you need some guidance on how to find a suitable coworking space? It’s as easy as typing ‘coworking spaces near me’ into your Google search bar.

There are loads of exciting options. For example, for ‘coworking space NYC’ you’ll find WeWork, The Farm, and Greendesk (to name a few). You could do the same thing with ‘coworking space Austin’ or ‘coworking space Denver’.

Making Work Worth It

Employees who use coworking spaces flourish. Sharing your workspace with a diverse bunch of thinkers fosters a supportive culture. Moreover, such a wholesome working environment adds value to your work.

If you enjoy working from a coffee shop, there’s no reason to feel nervous about trying a coworking space. The principle is the same, you walk in and see if they have a spot for you. You can even try a couple until you find your favorite!

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