What’s the Real Cyber Risk to Your Business?


    We all love watching spy movies where the master spy hacks into the computer system of the bad guys and uses it to win the day. Those make for great movies but aren’t so fun in real life.

    The cyber risk to businesses is growing and getting more expensive. Small and large businesses are in danger and should take precautions. Let’s look at some of the most common dangers of cyber risk for your business.

    Phishing Attacks

    Phishing is the biggest cyber risk to everyone. Who’s in danger of phishing scams? Both individuals and businesses are at risk from phishing attacks. The FBI showed that phishing attacks more than doubled from 2019 to 2021.

    Phishing attacks happen when the attacker pretends to be a trusted contact. They entice employees to click a bad link or download a bad file. This often opens the door for the attacker to enter the system.


    Malware attacks come through trojans and viruses hackers use to gain access to computer networks. With this capability, they often steal data and money.

    Malware usually comes through malicious websites, spam emails, and connections to other computers. Small businesses are vulnerable because employees often use their personal machines at work.

    Businesses of all sizes are seeking to train their employees more because cyber risks often come through human error.


    Ransomware is a growing attack hitting businesses of all sizes. We often hear of large businesses or hospitals that are attacked. What we don’t hear are the hundreds of small businesses that are attacked.

    Many hackers will target small businesses. What they do is look for those companies that are vulnerable and don’t have sufficient backup. This forces the business to pay the ransom if they want to continue to operate.

    Weak Passwords

    Business employees are often in the habit of using weak or easily guessed passwords. Businesses use many different cloud-based services and these services often contain sensitive data.

    If an employee has the same password for multiple accounts, they will all be open for the hackers to get into. This not only compromises the data but could cause major financial loss for the business.

    Cyber Risk Protection

    You have to think proactively about cyber risks, and anti-virus software on the computer won’t cover everything. Many businesses are looking to outside experts to keep things running smoothly in their tech.

    There are many companies like ihloom.com, which not only monitor, but create a full strategy for the business. This includes proactive resources for all of your computer systems, data storage, as well as employee training.

    Keep Spies in the Movies

    With some proactive thinking and work, you can keep your cyber risks covered. By doing this, hacking can be something you only think about when you watch movies and that’s the way it should be.

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