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Used Boat Windshields – What to Look For?


While purchasing a used boat windshield, there are several important factors to consider to ensure you make a wise and safe investment. A boat windshield serves a critical role in protecting passengers and the vessel’s interior from wind, water, and debris while enhancing visibility for the boat operator. When buying a pre-owned boat windshield, it is essential to inspect it thoroughly to ensure it meets your needs and standards. In this guide, we will explore the key aspects to look for when considering used boat windshields, helping you make an informed decision and get the best value for your money. Whether you are replacing a damaged windshield or upgrading to a newer model, these tips will aid you in finding a reliable and suitable used boat windshield for your watercraft.

Important Considerations When Buying Used Boat Windshields

First, check the condition of the windshield frame and seals. Look for any signs of corrosion or water damage – this could mean the windshield will leak or won’t seal properly. The seals and gaskets should be intact, with no tears or gaps.

You’ll also want to inspect the windshield glass itself. Look for any chips, cracks, or scratches that could obstruct your view or weaken the glass. Minor surface scratches can often be polished out, but deeper cracks will require windshield replacement.

Don’t forget to check that the windshield wipers, arms, and motors are functioning properly and in good working order. Windshield wipers are essential for keeping your view clear, so you’ll want to make sure the used windshield comes with wipers that have some life left in them.

How to Check the Condition of Used Boat Windshields

  • Checking the condition of used boat windshields before you buy is key. 
  • First, inspect the windshield frame and seals for any cracks, dents or corrosion. 
  • Next, check that the glass itself is free of any major chips, scratches or cracks that obstruct your view or weaken the windshield. 
  • See if the windshield wipers are in working order and clean the glass well. 
  • Ensure any additional features like built-in defrosters or tinted UV protective coating are also in good working condition. 
  • Finally, consider how well the windshield seals and if any water is getting in

If anything concerns you about the condition of the used boat’s windshield or you’re not mechanically inclined, it’s best to have a trusted marine professional fully inspect the windshield before purchasing the boat. Your safety on the water depends on a windshield that’s well-sealed and damage-free.

Where to Buy High-Quality Used Boat Windshields

Once you’ve decided to buy a used boat windshield, the next step is finding a high-quality one. Here are some of the best places to search:

Craigslist – This popular classified site has listings for used boat parts in most areas. You may be able to find a windshield for your specific boat make and model. 

eBay – The massive eBay marketplace has a large selection of used boat windshields. Look for highly-rated sellers that specialize in boat parts and accessories. 

Local Salvage Yards – Boat salvage yards and repair shops in your area are great for finding used windshields. They have a steady supply from damaged or decommissioned boats. Prices are often lower than online since there is less demand locally.

Marine Consignment Shops – Some consignment shops specialize in boat parts and equipment. They acquire used inventory from owners and sell on consignment, taking a percentage of the sale price. 

When buying a used boat windshield, be sure to measure your existing windshield and note the type of boat to find an exact replacement. 


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