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Understanding Life Insurance Riders and Their Benefits


Insurance providers enable policyholders to add extended coverage to their existing insurance policy through riders. These add-on coverages provide additional protection against risks and allow you to gain more value from your current life insurance policy without dramatically increasing premium amounts.

You must understand the terms and conditions of your insurance to purchase the necessary riders. These must be purchased along with the base policy. Sometimes, you can purchase additional riders when you anticipate changes in your family income in the future. 

Benefits of Life Insurance Riders

The essential meaning of life insurance is to offer financial support for you and your family when they need it. When your financial situation changes, you may need additional protection. The insurance riders add to the existing coverage, ensuring that aid is available. Riders allow you to customize your insurance policy to get additional coverage. 

With some insurance policies, you have to purchase riders when you buy the base policy. In other cases, you can add riders later. You have to discuss with your financial advisor to understand whether adding a rider will give you financial benefits. 

Some of the benefits of insurance riders are:

  • Additional coverage for financial crises
  • More affordable than buying various policies
  • Claim tax benefits based on existing laws
  • Protect your family against income loss
  • Choose the exact coverage you need.

How are Riders Connected to your Policy?

Riders are intricately intertwined with the plans you select, enhancing your coverage and improving the benefits of your life insurance policy. In essence, these add-ons are supplementary provisions that you acquire concurrently with your basic policy, facilitating superior financial safeguarding. 

While the base policy gives you essential protection, riders come into play when you are faced with unforeseen and sudden circumstances, such as accidental demise or terminal illness.

Among the popular riders embraced by policyholders are the accidental death benefit, critical illness coverage, and permanent disability provisions. Depending on your specific needs, you can opt for one or more riders in addition to your primary life insurance policy.

Types of Life Insurance Riders

Depending on your economic condition and needs, you don’t need all the riders for a policy. Choosing riders wisely with protect your family while providing you with cost benefits. Let’s explore some common life insurance riders:

1. Critical Illness Rider

When the policyholder suffers from critical illnesses such as cancer, a heart attack, or a stroke, you can still get coverage by buying the right add-on. If you add a critical illness rider to your policy, you can get a cash payment during such incidents.

2. Accidental Death Rider

As the name implies, accidental death rider adds coverage in case of accidental deaths of the policyholder. This is offered in addition to the existing death benefit.

3. Disability Rider

You can expect financial protection and coverage for lost income due to some disability. The disability rider provides income to the insured for covered disabilities. It also covers treatment and rehabilitation costs.

4. Waiver of Premium Rider

Generally, a life cover policy lapses when a single premium is missed. However, a waiver of premium rider enables you to continue to get coverage even if you cannot make payments during the disability period.

Costs of Life Insurance Riders

Life coverage riders provide additional benefits to the existing insurance policy and thus, your insurance premium will change. The changes in the premium are based on the type and value of riders you choose. Many insurance providers may also add a small fee for adding the rider to your existing policy. 

You should always ensure that you buy the riders that you need. That is essentially why riders are available as a customization option for existing insurance policies. Riders offer you extended protection without making you go through the hassle of buying another new policy. 


Buying riders instead of purchasing new insurance policies is cost-effective and hassle-free. When you purchase riders, your insurance premium will also change accordingly. Depending on your insurance policy, you can purchase additional riders when buying the base policy.

Some insurers also provide flexible plans, allowing you to purchase riders as and when you need them. You must consult your insurance provider about the available riders and how to buy those.  Before buying riders, ensure that you understand the additional costs involved to ensure that your premiums are affordable.

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