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Understand Your necessities for the Essay Grading


The middle part of an essay often contains information that does not contribute to answering the relevant main and sub questions. His advice is to keep this kind of ‘superfluous’ information concise. The advantage is that more space remains for the essential aspects in the essay, about which enough can be written. In addition, it is a good strategy in the argumentative part of a more demonstrative essay to first give arguments for the answer to the research question and then the arguments against, after which it is important to also discuss the refutation or invalidation of those counter-arguments. If the latter does not work, it is advisable to reconsider the answer to the research question. If that is successful, the answer to the research question is more substantiated. Choosing the essay grader is important in this case.

What Do You Include In The Conclusion Of An Essay?

The conclusion implies the answer to your research question. You create clarity by first briefly repeating the problem statement and research question. What did you want to convince the reader of? Then you will discuss the conclusion to the research question, which must of course be the logical consequence of the essay’s content. Explain why your arguments lead to that conclusion. In principle, it is not the intention that you introduce any new sources or arguments in the conclusion.

Writing Style and Formalities

If you have the structure of your essay in order, you are obviously not there yet. Because how do you write down the content of your essay? Everyone will have their own writing style and personal preferences. This also applies to the reviewers of your essay. In any case, it seems important to me to find a balance between formal, fluent and clear writing. You don’t have to pretend to be the Supreme Court, but you certainly shouldn’t pretend to be a rapper and throw in as much slang as possible. Finds a nice balance, make use of paragraphs, subheadings, paragraphs and page numbering and fill out the text in Word, for example. A good first impression is important.

In the context of readability it is also important to form short and clear sentences, of course preferably without language or spelling errors. Reading your essay aloud can help you eliminate the latest language or typos from your essay that you might miss when reading and find out if your text is flowing smoothly. Finally, always pay attention to the specific formalities that you must adhere to for each course. Certain formalities are prescribed for many courses, such as writing down your name, e-mail address, and using a minimum number of sources. Always primarily use the manual of your profession and the knowledge you have already acquired, and sometimes take a look at this article for the ‘lightness’!


Law students come into contact with writing essays for a large part of their education, which can be difficult. This article was intended as a refresher course in ‘writing demonstrative essays’. In this context, the following main question was central: ‘ What important points of interest can I give the reader in the construction and writing of the introduction, the middle part and the conclusion of a demonstrative essay?The introduction is generally made up of the introduction of a central discussion point and the problem definition, a concrete formulation of the problem definition, and the naming of a concrete main question or research question. You can also state how the essay is structured and which types of sources are used.

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