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Twitter joins Hands with Shopify

Twitter recently revealed a new partnership with the Shopify mobile app

Shopify merchants will now be able to download a sales channel application that will enable them to connect to the Twitter Shopping Manager dashboard. After this, the Shopify merchant can use their Twitter account to promote their products and leverage sales. 

Launched in 2006,  Shopify is an e-commerce sales channel that allows merchants to maintain their own e-commerce sales channel. Today over one million websites in 175 countries run Shopify powered websites and e-commerce channels.

Shopify provides businesses of all sizes the opportunity to leverage the power of e-commerce. If you are a sole trader, an entrepreneur or even a small or medium sized business, it is possible for you to go digital with the power of Shopify.

Shopify allows both small and large commercial organizations to go digital with its range of tools and products. With Shopify you do not need a web designer or developer to make your very own e-commerce sales channel.

In return for a percentage commission of all sales Shopify provides its merchants the opportunity to do digital transactions and drive revenue using its advanced transaction handling mechanisms.

In terms of safety and security Shopify offers its merchant partners and customers a very safe and secure platform to undertake their purchases and transactions. Modern mobile application development uses the latest cutting edge technology to protect transactions and customer details under a cloak of privacy and safety.

Shopify also looks into the delivery and shipping of the selected products and facilitates buyers with a variety of delivery options and value added services. 

E-commerce services such as Shopify have changed the game in terms of traditional retailing. If you are a carpet shop owner in Morocco or a baby wear company in Auckland, using the power of platforms such as Shopify it is easy for businesses of all sizes to undertake transactions online.

Shopping and Shipping

E-commerce platforms often offer users dedicated spaces to advertise and showcase their products so that browsers can make their selections and conclude the payments as well. Shopify first developed an app prototype as far back as 2006 before sharing its API, allowing developers to create applications for Shopify online stores as well.

When it comes to shipping, certain platforms offer to take care of that aspect as well for a fee or connect vendors to courier services they may have partnerships with.

Packaging is another important element of e-commerce and most major e-commerce platforms will also supply packaging materials for a fee or provide specific guidance on how products should be packed and dispatched.

One of the most attractive features of e-commerce platforms are the safety and security features they offer. When undertaking online transactions many consumers may share concerns about security and privacy. These are addressed by the provision of multiple layers of secure encryption. 

If you are considering developing a mobile App similar to Shopify then Elegant Media is one of Australia’s leading mobile app developers with over 12 years of experience. Some individuals love online shopping and others hate it. It all depends on the convenience and benefits you seek.

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