Top Tactics in Vietnam for Social Media Marketing

Top Tactics in Vietnam for Social Media Marketing

Want to expand your business in Vietnam? Vietnam offers great opportunities for international businesses, as it is a country with the third-largest population in South East Asia. Vietnam also maintained a steady and strong GDP growth even during the global COVID-19 pandemic. With its economic trajectory, the Vietnam market surely is a great country for business expansion, which also means hundreds of local and global competitors. Thus, you surely need to make your mark by implementing the best advertising and marketing strategies.

Now, internet and social media marketing is not as simple as it sounds. Under this strategy, there are hundreds of subgroup strategies which a brand might use. Lucky for you, we already streamlined these strategies down to the most effective ones in Vietnam.

In this list, we collated the top marketing trends in Vietnam which may help your brand in making the most remarkable entrance in this market. With thousands of competitors, your goal must be to stand out. Read on and see what strategies you may implement.

Top 11 Marketing Trends in Vietnam

  1. Bust those rhymes: use V-Rap in your marketing campaigns
  2. Add to cart: prioritize e-commerce and launch live shopping campaigns
  3. The influence that counts: collaborate with micro and nano influencers
  4. Brand identity: give your brand a fun and relatable voice through meme marketing
  5. Sing to the tune of the market: make use of music marketing
  6. Artificial Intelligence: learn to implement chatbots and AI influencers
  7. Comic influencers: prioritize visual marketing
  8. Level up: level up your game by collaborating with gaming influencers
  9. Capture, Caption, and Post: use your online channels to promote your physical offline stores
  10. Short and sweet: create micro films that will leave an impact to your audience
  11. Affiliate marketing: foster networks which can make your job easier
  12. Bust those rhymes

Use V-Rap in your marketing campaigns

Brands are starting to search for rap influencers to market their brands after the success of rap programs in Vietnam such as King of Rap and Rap Viet. Vietnamese rappers can successfully express a brand’s message in a creative and memorable way. The great composition a rap music makes brand message easy to remember, which increases campaign effectiveness.

For example, Vietnam’s e-wallet services, Momo, did a collaboration with Binz, one of the Rap Viet’s mentors. Binz produced a music video which gained 10 million views during the first 2 weeks and connected Momo’s brand with Binz’s fans.

Due to the successful use of V-Rap as a marketing technique in 2021, it is believed that the use of V-Rap marketing will increase by 20-30% in 2022.

  1. Add to cart

The lockdown experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the popularity of online shopping. Online shopping became the only option for people to buy goods and services without having to go outside the comfort of their homes. Instead of being a mere option, it became a necessity.

Online live shopping and livestreams have the ability to speed up the buying process, increase customer loyalty, and increase customer confidence by reducing the distance between consumers and brands.

Brands started to consider the benefits of live shopping through various platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Big e-commerce platforms like LAZADA and Shopee started their own live shopping feature called LazLive and ShopeeLive. Lazada successfully attracted 150 brands to use the live shopping feature.

If you want guaranteed online success for your brand, then shift online and make sure consumers can add your products to their carts.

  1. The influence that counts

Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, build relationships with your audience, or connect with millennials and Gen Zs, influencer marketing has got you covered.

There are various Vietnamese influencers across all social networking platforms. However, if you are looking for a cost-effective way to do influencer marketing, you should consider micro and nano Influencers.

Micro and Nano influencers tend to have a higher engagement rate of up to 7% than mega influencers, while costing less in terms of budget. While celebrities and KOLs are good for branding and for achieving awareness, micro and nano influencers have higher conversion rates due to their organic engagement.

Though these types of influencers have lesser audience, their influence truly counts. The relationship they have with their follower base is incomparable to the relationship of mega influencers in terms of closeness, loyalty, and authenticity.

  1. Brand identity

One of the most popular forms of viral marketing in Vietnam is through meme marketing. Memes are funny, relatable, and entertaining visual content online.

Though memes are often used for fun alone, memes are now showing the potential for marketing and advertising. This technique can make even a dull, overly-professional, and rigid brand stand out

Big brands like Gucci, Highlands, and Durex Vietnam have successfully used meme marketing as a marketing strategy. When Marvel’s Avengers Endgame was released in 2019, Durex Vietnam came up with this genius content by adapting the superhero costumes to their product illustrations. Needless to say, it brought smile to internet users and gained thousands of engagements.

  1. Sing to the tune of the market

Producing music with commercial elements is a bold move. Nevertheless, music marketing is considered to be a growing trend in Vietnam.

This technique was used by Dove and it resulted to one of the most successful musical TVCs in Vietnam. By collaborating with the singer Trang, Dove created a song whose message inspired women all over Vietnam. The commercial encouraged women to be themselves and to feel freedom in telling their story.

There are several commercial music productions that have also created a positive impact towards brands, including “Bai nay chill phet” by Den Vau and Strongbow, “Thay Tet Ion, mung Tet Ion” by Truc Nhan and Samsung, and “Di ve nha” by Black X JustaTee and Honda.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Ranging from chat-bots to AI influencers, the use of artificial intelligence for marketing achieves impressive results. AI marketing maximizes data collection, personalizes content, identifies data trends, and provides a convenient customer experience.


In conclusion, as a fast growing market, Vietnam could be the next gold mine for your business. However, with all the benefits that Vietnam has to offer, the market has challenges too, including having thousands of competitors.



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