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The Role of Roofing Software in Improving Estimating, Project Management, and Customer Communication


When was the last time you thought of replacing your roof? – It indeed is a rare thought to have.

Roofing projects are usually one-off in nature, where at most it may include regular field servicing for maintenance. Due to this, clients come with a lot of expectations in terms of delivery and quality.

The average cost of roof replacement is USD 8000 in the United States. It’s quite an investment for both commercial and residential properties – and hence, it’s crucial to maintain costs to avoid any overshooting.

For this, adopting roofing software for your project management workflows is a good bet against project cost overruns.

What is roofing software?

Roofing software is a niche project management tool for the roofing industry. It is designed keeping in mind the requirements of various roofing operations like inventory management, installation, maintenance, leak repairs, etc.

What are the benefits of using roofing software?

Using roofing software primarily helps you manage your resources and control costs via estimates. Here are some major benefits you must consider for your roofing business processes:

Get accurate estimates

Estimation plays a key role in avoiding cost overruns for any project. Using roofing software, you can carry out estimates across budget, material resources and scheduling. When you start the roofing project, you can track your estimate and make informed decisions to control them.

Streamline project execution workflows

A roofing software helps you ensure your budget, field service technicians, material procurement, and delivery – are in alignment. You can make decisions to allocate your resources such that you complete the project on time.

Observing that your roof plastering may get delayed due to a sudden labor shortage? Maybe you can allocate an extra from another project till you find a replacement.

With roofing software, you can know when such scheduling issues can happen during your project execution.

Alignment is what truly defines a project manager’s capabilities – and for this, roofing software is definitely a must-have tool. 

Reporting for quick checks by customers

Your management or client is asking for status checks?

A roofing software like Zuper can automate your report generation and analysis. Since you are updating the project status in real time, with a few clicks, you can create status reports. Give them to your management to make necessary decisions. You can share them with the customers to assure them about project completion and steps taken for the same.

Resource allocation

Skilled labor and material procurement on time is always a problem in the construction industry – and roofing is no different. A roofing software will help you ensure your inventory management is streamlined.

By taking into account resources allocated for the current project and demand, it will notify you of any potential shortages. It will also suggest any cost-cutting opportunities to ensure you have a surplus as per roofing industry best practices.

Maintain a line of communication with customers

Let’s say, your client requires a round of regular roofing maintenance.

You can communicate the same with your customer using roofing software and upsell your services. Then, you can assign a field service technician. You can ensure your field service technician is able to collaborate with the client for a visit. From your office which is miles away from your client site, you can know if your field service technician has completed the job.

A roofing software brings together all communication channels, especially to track field service workflows.

Apart from this example, roofing software will also help you

  • Communicate any potential delays in the project
  • Automate sending any project updates to the customer
  • Send invoices and any reminders for the payment
  • You can track all your communication with the customer in one single portal. This helps avoid any misunderstanding and ensures context is tracked while communicating.
  • You can communicate any project milestones achieved – and trigger payments in case if you have adopted milestone-based payment.

Choosing a roofing software that can estimate and enable customer satisfaction

A good roofing software is able to adapt to your project management needs from Day-1. Knowing the roofing industry is a high-ticket-size job, it is critical you take time to know which project management software to go with.

Apart from usual project management features, ensure your roofing software has dedicated accounting, invoicing and data visualization features. Having these features brings all your project budgeting, estimation and accounting into one single platform.

For the roofing industry, general project management software may not be a good option.

At Zuper, we specifically focus on field service management. From scheduling to customer communication, Zuper adapts to your current workflows to improve your project success rates. Contact our team today for a demo – Book a demo

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