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The Impact of Mom Influencers on Parenting 


For the last decade, social media platforms have changed drastically, leading to an increase in influencers, including mom influencers. Mom influencers use social media platforms such as Instagram to share their parenting skills and experiences, promote products and help other parents navigate parenthood. As a mom influencer, you can also use an organic Instagram growth service to increase your engagement and exposure on mainstream media. So how exactly are mom influencers impacting parenting in the modern era? Read on. 

What Іs the Appeal of Mom Influencers?

Mom influencers have become popular among parents because they share practical tips and advice ranging from discipline, nutrition, sleep, and more. Most do this by uploading inspiring stories, relatable experiences, and funny clips that most parents relate to. Examples of popular mom influencers include the following:

  • Aspyn Ovard Ferris @ASPYNOVARD. Aspyn is a famous Instagram influencer whose prominence rose from her YouTube channel, the Haute Brilliance. Her niche comprises beauty, fashion, travel, clothing guides, and DIY projects. On her account, she has shared her journey and experience through parenthood, family life, and numerous household and beauty product she uses. 
  • Shawn Johnson East @SHAWNJOHNSON. Shawn is a former gymnast and TV star featured in various Tv competitions and reality shows. However, now she has dedicated her time to showcasing her family. 

Mom Influencers Impact on Parenting

We can’t overstate the impact of Instagram mom influencers, as they are some of the most persuasive influencers in social media. Here is why:

  • They empower many mothers by showing that moms can be successful and still be in their child’s life. Additionally, they have encouraged other parents to be more open in sharing their experiences, success, and challenges. 
  • Mom influencers have encouraged a sense of harmony and understanding among other parents as they have helped them discontinue the stigma surrounding parenting.  
  • The influencers can create parental self-efficacy. Regular exposure to mom influencers may get social media-visiting mothers to think the images being presented on Instagram as the norm and that they cannot meet these standards. This can lead to lower parental self-efficacy after these mothers are exposed to the content and compare themselves to Instagram moms.

The Safety of Mom Influencers 

When visiting your favorite mom influencer on Instagram, you need to question how credible the source of information is. Is the influencer a licensed medical or mental practitioner? For instance, if they recommend a particular supplement or treatment option, does research back it, or are they qualified to advise on it? These details are very important as they ensure you do not fall for scams or follow undue advice. 

Therefore, look for influencers experienced with parenting, such as professional or certified child development specialists. You can also go for those with a track record of giving helpful and accurate information and influencers who provide evidence-based advice.

Identifying Red Flags from Mom Influencers

Red flags from influencers include highly unrealistic advice and those who offer unregulated products of information that have no evidence to back it up. Other red flags to watch out for are parenting tips that conflict with reliable parenting experts or professional medical practitioners. Additionally, if the influencers are driven by financial gain and are promoting a particular product or brand, it’s essential to consider the tips they provide. 


Mom influencers have both positive and negative impacts on parenting. However, providing credible information and parenting tips will create a supportive online community for parents to connect and offer each other support. Be sure to research advice given to avoid any potential risks that may be involved.

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