SAP vs Salesforce: Which CRM Software Is Better?

Billions of people have access to the internet. That means, if your business sells goods and services online, you have access to a nearly limitless amount of customers.

As you grow and start engaging more of that base, what’s your strategy to market to those that buy from you, understand who they are, and resolve issues they may have with their purchases? For most, the solution to that big question is investing in customer relationship management systems (CRM).

Within the CRM conversation, the question of SAP vs Salesforce is a big one.

For the uninitiated, SAP and Salesforce are two leading CRM providers. In this post, we break down key features both have and which platform shines the most in those buckets so you can decide on which tool to invest in.

Email Marketing

A big reason why companies invest in customer management systems is that they want to email people that buy from them and new leads. Both SAP and Salesforce have features that enable users to accomplish their email marketing goals. Salesforce, however, has tools that showcase more flexibility.

Salesforce’s email campaign builder sports advanced spelling and grammar checks as well as robust targeting solutions. While SAP has some of those same tricks up its sleeve, Salesforce’s take on them is superior.

Social Media Integrations

Companies are progressively expanding their customer service access points to social media. Some corporations like Nike even have dedicated Twitter accounts where they field customer complaints.

Integrating social media complaints into your CRM is a specialty that SAP excels in. Salesforce is getting better in this regard but when it comes to data completeness and platforms supported, SAP shines.

Actionable Metrics

Data is important when you’re managing the customer experience. Knowing things like how often a customer is dissatisfied with services, satisfied, who are opening email newsletters and more can all inform business decisions.

When comparing SAP vs Salesforce, Salesforce by far communicates more data than its competition. For many, the actionable data points Salesforce is capable of presenting is reason alone to choose this CRM.


A big part of usability when adopting SaaS applications is how intuitive its interface is. We’re glad to say that both SAP and Salesforce sport relatively simple navigation. SAP edges out Salesforce slightly though on this front with its easy to find options, simple license authentication as is described by Security Weaver, and other advantages.

Salesforce feels plagued by too many options. SAP’s cleaner look makes it less intimidating to those that are diving into CRM software for the first time.

SAP vs Salesforce, The Winner

There’s no clear-cut SAP vs Salesforce winner across all industries. Some lines of business might find one or the other better suits their needs.

Overall, we like Salesforce as a CRM thanks mostly to its great mailing tools and helpful metrics. If you’re big on social media support or are looking for a streamlined interface though, SAP may be your best solution.

Our team wishes you the best in coming to conclusions on your SAP or Salesforce questions.

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