Pandemic Pivots and What They Mean For The Creative Sector

The pandemic has disrupted the economy in unexpected ways. Thus businesses in the creative sector have found the need to pivot to remain afloat. As a business owner in the creative industry, taking creative courses can help you gain knowledge on ways to improve your business during and after the pandemic.

As such businesses need to use the skills and resources they already have to create a service or product that’s in demand. Even then companies must embrace flexibility and speed if they want to keep up with the pandemic. Here are some pandemic pivots you can use to position your creative business for success:

Change in the business model

The pandemic has brought about big changes in how we do business. For instance, if your company was not big on delivering their services online, today that has to change. Adopting a new business model means that you’ll have to meet the needs of your clients and still use the resources available to you.

Experts say that the pandemic has accelerated some changes that were considered before but were not in use. The pandemic has changed how people learn. This in turn offers sustainability and profitability for any business. Pivoting helps businesses adopt business models that work in the new reality. These are characterized by remote work, social distancing, shorter value chains, and enhanced use of technology.

Change in growth plans

Rather than surrender to uncertainty, businesses have created opportunities by identifying the market’s current needs. This means that if you have any growth plans in the future you have to alter them to match the current economic environment. You have to be ready to reimagine and reposition your business in the new business environment. This means that you are always ready to make any changes when need be.

Changes in the growth plans in the creative industry will not always mean that you are slowing your business down. There is an opportunity in every crisis. An AMEX study shows that more than 76% of the business owners have pivoted to maintain revenue and profits. Most companies have done this by creating a new product and creating seamless online delivery services.

Be ready to pivot again

Even after your company has pivoted, you should continue checking in with your customers and teams. As such consumer spending habits and needs will continue shifting therefore, you must be prepared to acclimatize to these changes.

 A global pandemic has forced many businesses to acclimate to the ever-changing virtual world. Even then, social distancing and stay-at-home orders have created gaps in the current market. Therefore, businesses need to discover ways to fill the gaps. Even then, many businesses have completely changed their models to suit the current business environment.

Pivoting is not an easy decision. You should when you realize that your expectations and objectives have changed and you need to retain or improve revenue. While there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy, realize that once you get to the other side, many companies might look different than they started. And the creative sector is no exception.



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