It would be a great experience if you’re going to enjoy the warm hot tub bath in winter. And if want to spend the winter at your home, it would be best to have your hot tub filled with warm water and running steadily. 

Winterizing your hot tub can protect your additional investment. How much small amount of time you will spend on winterization can be worth the savings equipment durability you’ll have in exchange, you cannot imagine.

Some tasks will be the same as what you do when you’re going to winterize your hot tub, so they shouldn’t be unfamiliar or complications. That’s why; We arrange a good number of tasks in order to winterize your hot tub. They are discussed below sequentially:

Drain your hot tub water:

The most prominent fact to recall while winterizing your hot tub is that you have got to remove all the water from your hot tub first. To do so, at first you have to turn off all the power to your hot tub at the breaker, unplug them from the outlet, coil up the power cord. Then you have to wrap the gfci plug-in plastic and place it inside the instrument compartment.

If your hot tub comes with a drain spigot, open it up simply and then drain the water out from the spa. If you don’t have this one, use a submersible sump pump. Ensure that you lower the drain hose at the hot tub or below the lowest level of the water in your hot tub to make sure it all drains out as well. It would be good if you attach a hose to the drain spout. If your hot tub comes with a blower, it would certainly be a good time to reconnect the power temporarily and turn it on for blowing out any water for 20-30 seconds.

Wipe down excess water:

If you notice that there is some water left in the foot, recessed seating areas of the hot tub, filter cavity or anywhere else, make certain that you bail it out a bucket or clean it along with a towel or other a large sponge.

Release water from your equipment compartment:

The next thing you have to do, it is important to loosen your inside equipment compartment and then release the water from the heating component and pump housing. You will have found your hot tub attached a white large plastic and you have to loosen the rest of the hot tub until some water spills out. If you have drain plugs on the pump housing, just open them up.

Remove the filters:

Next, you have to remove the filters first; you have to remove the hot tub cover to get proper access to the filter compartment. carefully open it and get them removed. Remove them and at the same time clean them using a filter cartridge cleaner. to make sure that if every dirt proportion is completely removed, you can do a 24-hour chemical soak. and then dry the filters wholly to ensure that there remains no water in them. To do so, you can use both a dry vacuum and a sponge separately.

Dry the hot tub:

Now you notice that all but all the pipes jets and drains are dry, it’s your time to remove the remaining water from the hot tub. To dry it up, you have to use a shop-vac. and this is important to ensure whether there remains no water inside the hot tub or not.

Clean the hot tub shell and the cover:

As you have done of separating all the ingredients from the hot tub, now it’s your time to clean the shell and the cover. If you feel necessary to rinse, use the right hot tub cleaner and ensure that before covering it you have to remove them all.

Seal your hot tub and turn off the power:

We should remove most of the water through these systems. Having done all the necessary steps, then place the cover back on the hot tub and make sure you secure it so that it cannot blow off in high winds. After that, you need to close your equipment compartment and again attach any screws. Eventually, ensure that the power of the hot tub is turned off to the housebreaker.


After following these steps, you can make sure that your hot tub is completely winterized and will be in working condition when you’re going to use it in the spring. Before that again make certain whether to re-attach all the unions, drains plugs and then close the drain spigot even before refilling your hot tub when you’re going to use it again or not.

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