How to Practice Gratitude When Depressed?

All of us feel low and depressed at various stages of our lives. You may have supportive people around you, but they might not help you beat your low days. You have to bear your load at the end of the day, and nobody can always be there. Learning to deal with negative emotions and come out more positive is essential. 

One of the things that can help you deal with depression is gratitude. Practicing gratitude on your low days can help uplift your mood and see life in a better light. However, According to MIDSS’s mental health experts, most people struggle with practicing gratitude and expressing their emotions, especially on low days. Dive right in if you struggle with gratitude and want to know some easy ways to practice it! 

Ways to Practice Gratitude on Your Low Days! 

The best turmeric curcumin supplement can help you achieve good health; similarly, gratitude can help you be positive. However, it can be a huge challenge to practice gratitude when feeling depressed. We have a few ways to practice gratitude: 

  1. Thanking Universe  

Practicing gratitude can be a simple exercise where you spend hours doing it. You can spare a few minutes or seconds to practice gratitude. We are so consumed by the things going wrong in our lives that we forget to appreciate the small joys. Gratitude helps ground you and remind you about the beauty your life holds. 

One of the easiest ways to practice gratitude is to thank the universe or God for the small things in your life. If you are too lazy to grab a journal, sit in your bed, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Try to push every negative thought out of your mind purposely and be present in the moment.  

Now, think about every little detail in your life that you appreciate. It is best to recall five things you are grateful for: the clear sky, your bed, etc. Make sure to think of five to ten best things in your life every morning to feel positive. 

  1. Journaling 

People like to journal turmeric and curcumin recipes, and anything they want to remember. However, the best use you can get out of a journal is to use it to monitor your thoughts. Most of us use our digital devices these days, but the joy of writing on paper is different. Journaling is the best thing you can do if you struggle with being positive. Start with a gratitude section where you write a few blessings every day. Try to start your day with gratitude journaling, or do it at night. 

When you start or end your day on a positive note, you feel better and see the bright side. Apart from journaling your blessings, you can also write your feelings down. Sometimes, writing your feelings down on paper can help you feel lighter and stop overthinking. 

  1. Sit Still 

Our daily lives are stressful, but thoughts consume our minds no matter what we are doing. If you have the habit of overthinking and often feel depressed, try to sit still. One of the best ways to practice gratitude is to take every negative thought out of your mind and breathe. Try to regain your focus and bring it back to the present. 

One of the best places to sit still is in the garden or from where you can witness nature. Sit on a bench in a park and close your eyes for a few minutes. Engage all your senses, feel the movement, and ask yourself questions. What do you smell? What do you feel? What do you hear? It helps bring your focus back to the present and helps uplift your mood. 

  1. Read and Say Affirmations 

Affirmations can be a great way to empower and motivate yourself. It helps you appreciate yourself and revive your strength back. When we read a good quote, we instantly feel motivated to do better, and negative thoughts take a back seat. 

Rather than mindlessly scrolling on social media, it is best to subscribe to an affirmation page. Whenever you read a positive affirmation, it makes you feel good and motivates you back. Don’t only read the affirmations, but try to process and apply them in your life. 

You can also print out your favorite affirmations and place them in your bedroom where you can read them. It helps uplift your mood and reminds you what you are capable of when you read them daily. When you are positive, you tend to appreciate little things and express gratitude. 

Final verdict 

Expressing gratitude when feeling depressed is not the easiest thing to do. It takes a lot of courage to motivate yourself and bring yourself towards positivity. It is essential to remember that you don’t have to feel gratitude to express it. However, you can feel gratitude when you express it more often.  

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