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How to Get Proof of Employment: The Basics Explained


As we go through our lives, many of us hit the same milestones. We rent our first apartment, buy our first car, and buy our first house!

But none of these milestones are possible without some hard work. And with that hard work includes proof of employment so lenders and landlords are sure you’ll repay these big loans they’ve entrusted you with.

Are you hitting one of these milestones soon and you’re wondering how to prove employment? Then read on to find out more!

Request a Proof of Employment Letter

A great way to prove you’re employed is to request a proof of employment letter from your current boss. Not only can they confirm that you’re their employee, but they can also list the qualities that make you a good and trustworthy person.

Lenders or landlords will see that your employer has faith in you and will be more likely to approve your application.

Give a Copy of Your Contract

To be legally employed, you should have a signed and dated contract with your employer. Make a copy of this and give it to the authority that’s asking, along with other things on this list for a better chance.

Show Pay Stubs

Pay stubs are also another excellent way to show you’ve been working consistently. These are official documents that show how much you were paid, how much you worked, and what period you worked as well.

Of course, there are all types of employees out there, including self-employed ones. If you’re a freelancer and you need to show proof of income, you can use a paystub generator to create documents that show all your income information neatly.

Do note that this won’t be a substitute for other forms of proof, but can be a good supplement.

Show Bank Account Records

You can use your bank account records to reinforce other types of proof of employment on this list. It might be more tedious, as you’ll have to either highlight your income by hand or choose a filter online to do that for you.

Either way, you can submit your bank account records with your paystubs to show that the deposit dates do coincide.

Submit Your Tax Returns

Tax returns are government documents, which makes them one of the strongest ways to prove your employment and income. However, the one downside is that the most recent tax return will be for the previous year.

So your tax return can be a good way to show that you were employed and had income in the last year, but it won’t say much about your current situation. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to submit one of the other methods on this list with your tax returns.

Have the Right Proof of Employment to Further Yourself

After reading this article, you’ll have a better time proving employment. By using the right proof of employment, you’ll have a much smoother time opening that new chapter of your life!

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