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5 Powerful Examples for Using Instagram Widget on Website



Social media has changed the whole marketing scenario. Businesses now have an easy approach to reach and communicate with their customers. With so many platforms in the landscape, one platform that stands tall and helps the business to woo their customers is Instagram.

As marketers cannot afford to ignore Instagram for their marketing strategy, they discovered an amazing tool, the Instagram widget. Instagram widget is an amazing tool that helps businesses to create a link between their website and Instagram. Instagram widget is an effective and efficient tool that provides great results to businesses and helps them to attain more customers.

The Instagram widget displays an Instagram feed related to your business on your website. It makes your website engaging and interactive. You can use the widget according to your style and make a good impression on your visitors.

Introduction to Instagram Widget

Instagram Widget helps you collect, curate, and customize all the content from Instagram related to your business and displays beautifully on your website. It collects the content using hashtags, mentions, handles, etc.

The tool allows you to moderate the content, which means you can monitor the content for the display and filter out all unwanted and inappropriate content. The content moderation feature helps you maintain your website’s quality and keep your feed related to your business. You can filter out the content that consists of selected keywords or even block the content from a certain Instagram handle.

Using a responsive Instagram widget, you can customize your tool and make it appropriate for your website. You can change the font size of the feed, font style color, etc. The widget provides you great help and attracts customers, and if used correctly, it can bring wonders to your business; here are the five best examples of using the Instagram widget for your website.

Top 5 Instagram Widget Examples on Website:

1. Handle Feed

Instagram is very important for a brand. It removes major barriers to communication, and you can express yourself better to your audience. You can even display your creativity by using different Instagram features and impressing your followers.

You can provide the same engagement and entertainment to your website visitors by displaying your Instagram handle feed on your website. It helps you in many ways;

  • It creates a link between your Instagram handle and your website. And hence, provides a sneak into your Instagram presence to your visitor. It can eventually help you strengthen your Instagram presence, as visitors also have the option to follow you.
  • It helps your visitor to view your Instagram activities and details about your products all in one place.
  • You can even display content from famous influencers or personalities by using their handle and creating a good impression on your visitor.

2. Hashtags Feeds

Hashtags are the savior for marketers in their social media marketing strategy. It is the best way to market the content and boost the reach. Hashtag puts all content-related content under one umbrella, making it easier for the user to find it.

You can embed the Hashtag feeds on your website and display user-generated content. You can also use a hashtag feed to display posts related to your industry and provide all the latest updates and content to your visitor.

You can even promote your hashtag campaign, as you can display the content that features your provided hashtag. It also inspires people to make content and use your hashtag to get a feature on your website. People can also post images and videos with your product using your hashtag, and therefore, it can also act as social proof.

3. Grid Style

People will always like to visit a website that is well organized and pleases the eyes. The Instagram feed adds vibrancy and liveliness to your website, but you should also keep in mind that all this looks appealing.

Using the grid style is the best way to display Instagram content. The grid style correctly organizes the content and creates a good impression on visitors. It provides equal space to all content, and hence, a visitor can view various posts at once.

Grid style is one of the most used display styles. Even Instagram uses the grid style to display its suggested posts. It brings a charm to your website and makes it look alluring.

4. Slider Feed

People like visiting an interactive website; it enhances their browsing experience and creates a curiosity in mind. You can make your website interactive by displaying the content using the Slider feed.

You can use it creatively by displaying the story of your brand. The visitors would like to know more about your brand. Hence, they would get curious and will swipe to see more. You can even categorize the product and display a particular in different colors in different sizes. It will help the potential customer in his buying decision.

Another benefit of having a slider feed is that your website’s click-through rate increases as the user swipes through the presentations or content. That eventually helps you get a better position in the search engine ranking.

5. Sidebar Feed

A sidebar feed is a useful example to display an Instagram feed on your website. It provides amazing benefits to your business as it makes your website appealing to visitors. It restricts itself to limited space on your website, and it is less time-consuming.

The sidebar can add a feed on every page of your website and increase your feed’s visibility. You can showcase any information related to discounts or schemes or special offers to your visitor. It provides great ease to the visitor. They can get all the needed information; your website displays about the product while the sidebar displays social proofs, reviews, or offers related to the product.

Summing it up

Instagram widget is an extraordinary marketing tool, it cost-efficient and provides a great result. It is easily available in the market and is handy to use. By using it correctly, you can take your business to new heights as it helps you to enhance your brand awareness and increase your reputation in the market.

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