You should start by choosing whether the ramp is fixed or removable. The ramp will obviously be chosen according to the location. Whether it is a public space or a private area, we will not necessarily make the same choice. The height of the obstacle will push us to choose the length and shape of the ramp. To climb several steps, the ez access ramp will sometimes have to be quite long and probably make at least one turn.

It will be necessary to study the total weight that it will have to transport, in order to make sure to make the right choice. The calculation to be made is as follows: Person with reduced mobility plus wheelchair plus person who helps to push is equals to the total weight to be supported.

The Electric Wheelchair

An electric wheelchair allows you to cross slopes of up to 20% (check the instructions), for a private installation, you can then exceed the standards without problem if you use this type of wheelchair.

The Manual Wheelchair

A manual wheelchair user with good tonicity in the arms is able to climb slopes of 15% to 20%, or even a little more if he receives a little help. We can therefore deduce that for private use, a ramp of only 1.5 m can allow us to pass a height of 30 cm, with a drop of 20%. You can also climb 3 steps, or 48 cm, with a ramp of 2.15 m, and a slope of 22%.

That said, it is still advisable not to exceed a slope of more than 15% in order to ensure the most pleasant possible user comfort. Indeed, the user does not necessarily want to sweat and make an intense sporting effort every time he enters or leaves his home.

The Different Types of Access Ramps

There are access ramps that can be adapted to different situations. Depending on the configuration of the place to be equipped, some will probably be more practical than others.

The Wide and Foldable Access Ramp

This type of ramp is foldable lengthwise and can be easily transported, much like a suitcase. Thus, we can always have them in the car, to help us climb a few steps and easily enter a friend’s house, for example.

His advantages

  • Transporting the ramp is very easy
  • The weight is not high
  • Some models can be attached to become permanent ramps
  • Compatible with all types of chair

Telescopic ramp in pairs

This type of ramp works with two distinct parts, which must be aligned parallel one by one, respecting the spacing of the width of the chair. They are removable and lengthen to allow us to reduce the slope as much as possible, or to adapt to fairly narrow passages.

His Advantages

Storage is very easy, whether in the house or in the car. We can therefore take this ramp absolutely everywhere.As the two parts are telescopic, we can adjust the length and manage the slope in the best way. The uses can be varied and we gain autonomy.The edges are raised to prevent the wheelchair from coming off the ramp, the risk of falls are then very reduced.

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