Be Healthy and Fit with These 3 Apps: Technology is Here to Help You


    Not everybody wants to shed some unwanted pounds off their body and get the look they always wanted? At one point or another in life, everyone does want that. And why not? A healthy body leads to a fit mind which eventually cuts down your hospital bills and makes you feel better about yourself.

    With your smartphone in your hand and so many cool health apps in app store, you can live better and feel better now. Thanks to the Android app development companies in USA whose creativity and expertise reflect in those apps, leading you to acquire better eating and exercising habits.

    While is easy to search such applications in Google Play Store, analyzing and culling the best ones out of hundreds of similar application is an equally cumbersome task.

    In this sweet article, we have focused on the best Android applications out there too with great eating habits and workout suggestions. Here you go:

    • Fooducute

    We often stay in a dilemma what’s good for us to eat and what’s not. Fooducute does the work for you and instantly compare around 250,00 food choices for you. It’s free to download with a paid subscription pack to unlock advanced features.

    1. MyFitnessPal

    The name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? This application is a combination of food and exercise guide app. Along with its extensive list of food items, you can track your daily calorie consumption.

    Furthermore, you can check which exercise burn how much calories and plan out your regime with an active community to get in touch with.

    • MyTrainer Dasi

    This basic app is completely free to download and use. It lets you enter your age, weight, and height and weight loss recommendations and promptly suggest the perfect regime for you.


    There’s a race out there among Android app development services to produce more and more applications that are actually a copy of successful apps in that niche.

    Exploring each one, downloading, installing, and then uninstalling them wastes your time and ruins your mood. With these apps, you can save yourself from that dilemma while making an improvement in your life.