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8 Telltale Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Upgrade Your IT Department

About 81% of CEOs view technology as the biggest disruptive threat to their companies. Failing to update your technology, however, could put you behind the times. You could leave your company susceptible to new security threats.

Consumers don’t want to trust their private information with a company that easily gets hacked. Meanwhile, your employees could get frustrated using old equipment.

Not sure if it’s time to give your IT department a major upgrade? Here are eight telltale signs you’re behind the times.

After reading this guide, you can make a decision with your company’s future in mind.

Read on to learn more!

1. Outdated Security

Consumers don’t want to trust their credit cards and contact information with a company that has a history of getting hacked. Security issues in recent years have made consumers more aware of who they’re trusting with that information.

Has your company fallen victim to frequent attacks by hackers over the years? It’s likely time to make a change to your IT department.

Old technology is often more vulnerable to cyber attacks than new systems. Some pieces of IT equipment aren’t even compatible with the latest antivirus software. If you’re concerned about data breaches and cybercrimes, you need to make an upgrade.

Otherwise, hackers will continue finding new, creative ways to break into your systems. They’ll steal your data and put the safety of your clients at risk.

Once consumers start to realize you’re vulnerable, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

Frequent hacks can impact your company’s brand reputation. Consumers will have a difficult time trusting you with their business.

Instead, you can show consumers you put their privacy at the forefront. You can inform customers that you’ve made an overhaul to your system with security in mind. When they see you prioritize their privacy, it could help you build brand trust and loyalty.

In fact, it could help you stand apart from competitors who are still far behind.

2. Increased Downtime

How long does it take for your IT equipment to start up, load a document, or send an email? These little tasks shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds. If your systems are taking forever to load, it could increase downtime company-wide.

No one wants to wait for a web page to load or a device to access the company server. Technology bottlenecks can slow everyone down and cause frustration to rise.

Your team might feel a drop in motivation as a result.

Take the time to speak with your team about the IT equipment they use. Are they dealing with any issues? What suggestions do they have to ensure the company runs smoothly?

They might help you recognize issues with your IT systems you haven’t considered.

When your team uses old systems and devices, your company’s output will drop. You could start providing low-quality services to your clients. Customers will start turning to your competitors as a result.

Instead, make sure everything is working quickly and without error.

When you can provide fast, convenient responses, your customers will take notice. They see the high-quality customer service you have to offer and stick around.

3. Your Company is Growing

Is your company starting to grow? Congratulations! You’ll need to consider changes to your IT department before you lack the equipment and systems you need.

Most systems are dedicated to a specific number of people. You don’t want to use a system designed for 5 people when you’ve grown to 20. Otherwise, productivity could take a hit.

Instead, make sure you scale your IT department with your entire business in mind.

Expanding your IT needs will ensure everything runs smoothly.

Think about the new system features you need as well. New systems now provide functions your old technology can’t. Upgrading your equipment could give you a competitive edge in the industry.

4. Hardware Inconsistency

How old is your current IT equipment? There’s a chance the hardware you’re using isn’t compatible with the new software you need. Trying to use new software on old equipment could cause issues.

Instead, make sure to upgrade your hardware to avoid technology bottlenecks.

Switching to new hardware could even help you save money. Newer equipment often requires less power, allowing you to save!

5. Increased Energy Bills

If you’re making financial decisions for your company, take a look at your energy bills. Your current technology is likely the reason your energy bills are starting to rise.

Don’t let old technology drain your bank account. Instead, switch to the latest hardware. You should notice a change in your energy bills right away.

You might want to consider outsourcing some of your IT needs. In fact, outsourcing can save you 60% in overhead costs. About 27% of companies are already outsourcing to cut expenses.

6. Company Changes

Many companies are making changes to their current operations, especially with more companies going remote. If you want to diversify or make a change to your operations, you might need to make changes elsewhere, too.

Adjusting your technology with your team in mind can help you achieve your business goals. For example, you can use the cloud to keep your team mobile. Their productivity could increase as a result.

You can learn more about Secure Remote File Server Access here.

Planning for the future could put you ahead of the curve.

7. You’re Behind the Times

Technology changes all the time. If you’re behind those times, customers might start to take notice.

Take a look at the latest technology trends to determine if you’re in need of an upgrade. For example, you might want to integrate your systems to improve productivity. Automation can save you valuable time as well.

Are you using cloud software yet? If not, it’s definitely time for a change.

8. Everyone’s Frustrated

Pay attention to your customers and employees. Are your customers struggling to use your website or app? Do your employees complain about your hardware and software?

If everyone else says you’re outdated, there’s a chance you are.

Goodbye, Outdated Equipment: 8 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your IT Department

Don’t let old IT equipment slow you down. Instead, keep an eye out for these signs you need to upgrade your IT department. By making a change, you can set your business up for success in the new year.

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