5 hiring advertising tips to help you fill any position

5 hiring advertising tips to help you fill any position

There are over 8 million job openings in the United States alone. That’s a lot of opportunities for job seekers to look through! But you need to hire right away and can’t wait for the perfect candidate to scan 8 million job listings. If you want your listing to stand out, here are five tips to create an effective hiring advertisement that’ll fill positions in a hurry.

Start with a professional design

You’ve heard the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Well, the same goes for your hiring advertisements. Design them for the candidate you want — and you want a professional!

If you want candidates to take your advertisement seriously, it needs to look good. Start with a professional and well-designed layout to help your advertisement stand out from the pack. The key terms are “clear” and “concise.” Keep your design as simple as possible.

Since you’re busy trying to fill a position, you might not have time to design a professional layout from scratch. Luckily, there are thousands of free templates for hiring flyers on websites like PosterMyWall to save you time and give you a head start without sacrificing quality.

Include all the most important information

Once you find the perfect template, it’s time to add the job listing information. Choosing a job is a big decision, and applicants need lots of information to ensure they’re right for the job. So make sure you include all the essential information an applicant might need to ensure they’re a good fit.

Here is some of the most important information you should include in your hiring advertisement:

  • Title for the job
  • Company description
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Necessary qualifications and skills
  • Salary and benefits
  • Hiring manager contact information

The more detailed information you include in the job listing, the more qualified candidates you’re going to get. Don’t leave anything out!

Post to social media

The key to any form of marketing is to get your advertising in front of the right people. In 2024, there are over 5 billion active social media users. That’s over two-thirds of the entire global population! There are definitely bound to be some qualified applicants on social media, making it a great place to post your hiring advertisements.

Not all social media platforms are equal. Some are more aligned for job hunting than others. Obviously, the most popular social media for job hunting is LinkedIn. It features tons of recruiting tools to help you find the perfect candidates for your job openings.

Surprisingly, Instagram and Facebook are also popular in the job-hunting community. Save a digital copy of your hiring advertisement and post it directly to your business’s social media accounts. If your followers know anyone who would be a good fit, they can share your ad with them with the click of their mouse.

Upload to job-seeking platforms

Social media isn’t the only place on the internet people go to look for jobs. There are also job-hunting-specific platforms like Indeed, Monster, and ZipRecruiter.

People visit these websites specifically because they’re looking for a job. It’s the perfect place for your hiring advertisement.

Create a profile on some of these platforms, upload your amazing hiring advertisement, and watch the applications roll in. The more platforms you upload your ad to, the more applications you’ll get. You’ll be reading resumes in no time!

Promote the job in local schools and universities

The internet isn’t the only place you can search for talent. Depending on the position you’re hiring for, why not go right to the source and visit local schools and universities?

Schools and universities are filled with young students ready to take on the world. They’ll soon need to find a job to utilize their newly learned skills, and they could be a perfect fit for your company.

Go to the school and ask if you can hang your hiring advertisement on bulletin boards or put them in the guidance offices. You could also see if it’d be possible to upload a copy to the school’s online database.

Of course, this wouldn’t work for every position, especially for positions that require experience. But if you’re looking to fill an entry-level slot, it’s an amazing way to promote your hiring advertisements.

Find the perfect applicant for your job listing

Every minute you have a vacant position is efficiency lost. Fill your job openings quickly with a hiring advertisement guaranteed to find the right applicant. Start with a professional design and include all the most important information. Then post it to your business’s social media channels, hit the job-hunting platforms, and promote your job opening at the source in local schools and universities.

When all your promotional efforts work together, it won’t be long before you find the perfect candidate to join your team.