3 Serious Benefits of Turnkey Commercial Refrigeration Services

Take a minute and look around the kitchen in your restaurant. How many machines have you used and then needed to replace after an emergency?

If you’re like most restaurant owners, it’s easy to lose track and the expenses add up.

When an emergency hits, you might call the first retailer, cringe at the price, and order new refrigeration equipment without analyzing costs. Anything to get back in business.

But, you don’t have to panic over emergency break-downs anymore. Turnkey commercial refrigeration services could be your solution, and here’s why.

1. You Can Use the Refrigeration Equipment Right Away

Say goodbye to the old days when you had to wait days for the engineers to get your equipment up and running.

Through a single commercial turnkey source, you get a designed, delivered, and installed product. You no longer need to worry about varied work styles or techniques used. Not only do you get guaranteed high-quality workmanship, but you’re also able to use the machines immediately.

Plus, when you work with a turnkey company like KJ Refrigeration, you don’t have to coordinate between several providers. With one partner, you drastically cut the wait time between the machine emergency and your business recovery.

2. You’ll Save Money

If you’ve replaced equipment for refrigeration, you know that costs add up. When you partner with multiple engineers, each comes with individual fees and expenses. Turning to a turnkey company helps cut your emergency expenditure.

With a one-stop turnkey business, you pay one fee up-front, rather than paying for every step of the process. No longer are you at the mercy of specialized independent contractors, with their surprise costs.

Another monetary benefit of utilizing multi-service refrigeration experts is the one-year warranty on all machines. So, if you find yourself in another emergency and need the fridge replaced, there’s no problem.

Plus, each warranty with KJ Refrigeration not only covers replacement, but also maintenance. Not only do you get a ready-to-use fridge, you also get a year’s work of inspections; for one price.

3. Regular Maintenance from Refrigeration Experts

The new refrigeration installation went smoothly, you’re back in business, and you have a small nagging feeling in the back of your mind. What if the new unit breaks?

Quelling your post-emergency anxiety is another perk of partnering with a commercial turn-key company. Upkeep is part of the package. No more worrying about hiring a maintenance technician to check in on your tools.

Turn-key refrigeration engineers will regularly return to your food establishment to check on the condenser coils, gaskets, and to clean the unit as part of your maintenance plan.

Utilize Turnkey Commercial Refrigeration Services Today!

With perks including immediate use, a lost and all-encompassing cost, and included maintenance, why wouldn’t you utilize turnkey commercial refrigeration installation services?

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