Why Business Students Find Website Building Effortless with WordPress


If you’re studying business in college, it’s apparent that you’ve found WordPress useful for your coursework, just as students find https://123homework.com/do-my-matlab-assignment useful for their various assignments and projects.

WordPress is generally a common CMS (Content Management System) that uses PHP programming and a MySQL database. As you’ve experienced if you’re an active user, WordPress is one of the most efficient and free-to-use website developing tools the world has ever known.

The good thing is, as a business student, it’s unnecessary to be an expert in website development before you can use WordPress to build one. Basic knowledge can do the trick.

Reasons Business Students Find Website Building Effortless Using WordPress

Find below some reasons business students in college find website building on WordPress easy:

  • It has low development costs

Business students find WordPress easy because it has low development costs. WordPress is an open-source and free-to-use CMS (Content Management System), so users only need to pay for hosting and a domain name.

It’s not necessary to employ a website development tutor to help create one because the source code is available to everyone. Business Students have been spending time using WordPress, which has allowed them to understand how it functions.

Additionally, the WordPress community created a range of free plugins and themes available for all users. Even while free tools frequently have certain restrictions, many are sufficient to launch a small company website.

  • User-friendliness

Because of its user-friendly interface, WordPress makes building and maintaining websites simple. It is straightforward to navigate than other open-source CMS platforms, although it might require some in-depth knowledge.

The WordPress dashboard provides access to the necessary features business students need to build and manage a website. They can create new blogs and articles and install or manage plugins with just a few clicks here and there using the menus in the sidebar.

  • It is scalable and customizable.

Several plugins are accessible in WordPress, including content management, social media, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Modifying the look of a website is one of WordPress’ benefits, and using the diverse WordPress themes is quite simple. Whether you need a portfolio, business profile, or forum website theme, you will certainly discover one that best fits your goal.

Business students can find tons of free plugins and themes on WordPress’ official WordPress website or other third-party sites. These free alternatives are excellent for new business student users with low monthly website traffic expectations.

  • Its focus on security

WordPress designers continuously strive to offer a solid and secure foundation to build websites because it is the most widely used CMS, making it a target platform for hackers. Keeping them updated is one of the excellent ways to keep them safe.

WordPress releases security updates and bug fixes frequently to address any issues and vulnerable files that cybercriminals could use to access the user’s system. That also applies to other WordPress site elements, such as themes and plugins. However, business students are advised to choose plugins and themes with the latest updates to avoid having their websites compromised.

What Types of Websites Can WordPress Create?

Find below some types of websites that WordPress can create:

Lifestyle or hobby blogs

WordPress’s origin explains its wealth of features for different purposes, which include: 

  • Being able to distinguish between pages and posts 
  • Seamless post creation with a powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor 
  • Using tags, posts, and categories to build a robust content management system 
  • Diverse options for users to post comments and an easy moderation process 

The first thing business students should do after installing WordPress is pick a theme that suits their tastes and the goals they have for their website.

E-Commerce Stores

WordPress is exclusively effective for building online stores. E-commerce plugins like WooCommerce allow business students to manage products, disbursements, and shipping from the back end while ensuring customers have a positive buying experience.

Professional portfolios

WordPress is an excellent platform for showing business students’ brands because it also has a wide selection of themes for a professional portfolio. While the “Posts” function can be used for the items users wish to highlight, whether in text, image, video, or audio format, business students can use the “Pages” function for their homepage, contact page, about page, etc.

They can select a theme with an integrated gallery or add plugins for portfolio sliders or carousels.

Membership sites

WordPress offers plugins to build membership sites if business students try monetizing their efforts by making premium content accessible to members. They’ll be able to create member levels, manage payments, and keep track of registrations.

Mobile applications

Some users may find it much more comfortable to use mobile apps than their PC’s browser to access your site’s services. Although app development might be expensive, WordPress plugins can easily convert business students’ websites into apps.


WordPress is not only available for business students but for everyone, irrespective of their course of study.