Stopping Shoplifters in Their Tracks: The Different Types of Anti-Theft Devices for Retail Stores

    Shoplifter stealing bar of chocolate in a supermarket

    How do you prevent theft at your business? Most businesses don’t need an armed security force to keep their merchandise safe. Instead, they rely on tried-and-true anti-theft devices to stop shoplifters in their tracks.

    If you’re a business owner and you want to learn more about loss prevention technology, you’re in the right place. In the following guide, we list and explain the best anti-theft devices available to retailers.

    Even better, most of these loss prevention measures aren’t expensive or complicated to employ. The most effective security solutions are affordable, simple, and rather low-tech. To learn more about your anti-theft options, keep reading.

    1. Anti-Theft Cases and Displays

    The most obvious/effective way to stop the theft of high-theft items is to lock them up. Such merchandise can be showcased in transparent display cases or on display pegs that require a key to unlock. Demo items like laptops can be securely tethered or otherwise attached to the shelf they are displayed on.

    Be aware, though, that this method requires additional staffing to unlock the items as often as necessary. Without proper staffing, you might keep the buyer waiting too long. Impatient buyers who give up on the purchase can cost you as much money as theft.

    2. Keep High-Theft Items Up Front

    If you have enough space at your checkstands or customer service desk, consider keeping high-theft items there, behind the counter. Cigarettes commonly employ this anti-theft practice.

    This way, the customer doesn’t have to wait for one employee with a key. They can just ask for the item at the register.

    3. Security Tags

    Retail security tags are one of the most common anti-theft devices of all. Mostly, this is because they’re both cheap and effective—a very good deal for your money.

    They cause an alarm to go off when a shoplifter attempts to remove the tag or take the item out through the exit. Plus, they lock tight around the item so that they can only be removed by using a special tool or ruining the item.

    4. Security Cameras

    Surveillance cameras provide a variety of security options for your business. For example, real security cameras provide indisputable proof of the relevant crime. Footage can be monitored live and/or recorded.

    However, the mere presence of these devices is often enough to discourage illicit behavior. Thus, posting visible security cameras reduces theft whether the footage is monitored or not. In this way, even a broken camera or a convincing prop camera is a cheap yet effective way to prevent theft.

    For these reasons, you’ll want to draw as much attention as possible to the cameras. Use signs and other measures to let customers know they’re being watched.

    Keep Your Merch Safe and Secure With These Anti-Theft Devices

    Preventing loss is easy and affordable with these reliable anti-theft devices. Use the information you learned here today to devise the best shoplifting prevention strategy for your business.

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