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How to find Commercial Mobile Home Parks for Sale?

One of the safest asset groups to invest in is mobile home parks, also referred to as manufactured home parks or RV parks. Yet, they are typically overlooked by inexperienced investors. Mobile home parks are an excellent investment due to their general affordability, low maintenance requirements, and high demand. How do you discover those for sale, though? They will show you how to use a property intelligence platform and listings websites to locate the ideal mobile home park for investment anywhere in the nation in the sections below:

Search Off-Market and Directly Contact Owners:

How can the off-market search for mobile homes and RV parks for sale be made more efficient? Searching through public records and piecing together details about specific properties is one technique to look off-market. Commercial mobile home parks for sale will utilize a platform for property information that makes it simple to find, engage with, and close new business prospects across the nation.


Real estate brokers with experience in mobile home parks come next. These brokers solely deal in mobile home parks, and they maintain privately that they are far more valuable than their published listings. Only those prospective buyers they think are qualified informed about these parks because they are pocket listings. Among these pocket listings, you will find some of the best discounts. Contact them individually to learn more about what each broker offers, as they do not share these listings with one another. Even though it takes some time, it is worthwhile. Commercial mobile home parks for sale have bought a lot of amazing deals from this source over the last few years. There are many options to pick from because some brokers have a dozen pocket listings available at once.

A cold call:

Simply asking the mom-and-pop park owners if they would like to sell is a typical way to get leads. A phone is all that is required to get started. This has allowed them to purchase some fantastic deals. Unlike broker and online listings, the challenge is that you exert all this work to identify those few parks for sale at a set price. Because it is more complex, the outcomes can be better when you succeed.

Off-Market properties:

Mobile home parks that haven’t been listed on any listing site or broker are considered off-market properties. Frequently, the owners need to be more actively thinking about selling. However, if they receive the right offer at the right moment, some owners of mobile home parks may be persuaded to sell. The problem is that locating these owners may be far more challenging. Finding the proprietors of mobile home parks can be done by analyzing tax data. The investor can get in touch with the proprietors by letter or phone to see whether they are open to discussing a sale. A different approach is to stop by the mobile home park and request to speak with the owner. The benefit of cold phoning is less competition from other purchasers to locate houses off the market.

Final thoughts:

Mobile home parks are the best-kept secret in commercial real estate, as many investors are discovering. However, they sometimes need help knowing where to begin when looking for the best mobile home park to suit their needs.

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