How to Deal With Fall Leaves

    How to Deal With Fall Leaves

    Catching a fall leaf can bring you good luck! The superstition is that the more leaves you catch from the air, that’s how many happy months you’ll have.

    While fall leaves might look lovely and bring good luck, they can also be a pain to clean up! You might wonder what your best options are to deal with those leaves everywhere. Read on to explore this guide on how to deal with fall leaves today.

    1. Bagging

    When you’re dealing with leaves and using products from companies such as, bagging the leaves is a low-budget option. You can either use garbage bags or bag the leaves with your mower. Some lawn mowers will shred the leaves so that you can use them as compost later.

    2. Vacuum

    When you’re getting rid of fall leaves in tight spaces, use a yard vacuum. This is a great option around flower beds, shrubs, and other hard-to-reach areas.

    3. Raking

    First, when you’re taking care of fall leaves, it’s important to know that there are different rakes out there. Heavier steel rakes are great for the spring, but not so great with lighter leaves.

    Choose a lightweight rake with a long handle. This way you won’t hurt your back by stooping over constantly.

    An adjustable rake is another great option as well. They’re great for grabbing leaves that have fallen between your flower beds.

    Fall Leaves Tips

    Dealing with fall leaves will work best when you focus on the timing. Think about how much raking you can handle in one day, and when you’ll have available to do this task.

    Some state that they wait for all the leaves to fall before they head out there. Keep in mind that while this is an efficient method, it’ll take the most work.

    To go easier on your body, it’s best to do a little bit each month. This will ensure that it’s a manageable size.

    If you’re looking to turn leaves into mulch, the best option is to take care of the leaves on a regular basis. This will prevent them from piling up as well. Factor in the weather too since rain will cause the leaves to be weighed down and harder to remove.

    As you rake, make sure that you push it towards its destination. Whether that’s a bag, compost pile, etc. On windy days, you’ll want to rake downward to avoid having to fight with it.

    Instead of making a large pile of leaves, it’s best to use a smaller pile that you can easily pick up. Make sure to take regular breaks when you clean up the leaves.

    How To Clean up Fall Leaves

    After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of what to expect when it comes to cleaning up fall leaves. Take your time tackling this task and making sure that you choose the best option for you.

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