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Have A Merry Christmas Without Breaking The Bank

Expenses over the Christmas season sure do add up, and it’s certainly not just about the gifts. In order to steer clear of financial problems during the holidays going into the new year, there are key pointers to remember. For example, shop sustainably, and be sure to recycle as much as possible. Do you have to wrap every present? Visit Good Sammy for more thrift tips on holidays.

Creating Cards

Not only are you able to create your own Christmas cards, but you can do the same with gift tags, too. Most people toss their cards soon enough anyway, so why spend all that money? Make a Christmas budget cut by printing out your own Christmas cards at home. 

Textured paper is what you need for printing cards and gift tags. Using your printer, you are able to create customized designs, many of which are free to download. It’s best to use A4 paper specifically for printing. All you need to do is fold the card in half. You will have designed a beautiful Christmas card in just a few minutes. 

When printing gift tags, use the same A4 paper, and you are able to print up to eight tags per sheet. All you need to do is cut them out and keep a hole puncher handy for threading that ribbon. There is no reason to spend money buying a bunch of gift tags for the Christmas season.

Table Settings

Costs add up for those Christmas table settings, but there is another way. Think about table settings that are more natural, and that means it’s time to take a look outdoors. Grab whatever is handy and would look nice as part of a table setting. For example, people use pine cones, and you can always pick some flowers from the garden. Talk about a fresh floral arrangement! 

Wrapping Presents

The objective is minimalist wrapping, which not only saves money but is in style these days. Wrapping a ton of presents becomes time consuming and expensive. To practice minimalist wrapping, all you need is string, some brown paper and some hand-picked greenery and flowers. 

You can always use stickers, glitter, and more to decorate the brown wrapping paper to make the occasion more festive. This budget-friendly gift wrapping method is a lot of fun, saves you money, and will be enjoyed by all. 

Christmas Trees

How do you plan to decorate your family’s Christmas tree? Those ornaments and decorations are quite costly if you do not have boxes full of goodies ready to go in the attic. Paper snowflakes sure are family fun, and they make for great decorations. Textured paper snowflakes covered in glitter are a way to shake things up. You can even decorate according to a specific theme. Get your creative juices flowing!

Use a hole puncher and string to hang your decorations. It’s time to decorate the tree, and you have to think outside the box if you want to cut costs. Not only can use hang beautiful snowflakes, but pine cones are great, too. Use glitter or paint to add some pizazz to the pine cones. 

Final Thoughts

A thrifty spirit during Christmas need not extend into gift giving if you cut unnecessary costs when it comes to decorating and enjoying the holidays with your family. 


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