Benefits of High Visibility Clothing


    High Visibility clothing has been around since 1964 and since then, it has saved countless lives.

    The reason for this is simple, high visibility clothing stands out. Studies have found that those kitted out with a high-vis vest can be identified three seconds before those without vests.

    Whilst the safety benefits of high vis are undeniable, there are a host of other benefits that you may not be aware of. Keep reading for our guide to the benefits of high-vis clothing.


    For any business or even personal use, hi-vis will make you look professional. High visibility clothing is a legal requirement in some sectors and is therefore synonymous with gold standard professionalism.

    It shows the public that you are responsible and care about the safety and well-being of your employees and others.

    Hi-vis can also act as a uniform. It looks smart and official and will unify a team.


    Hi-vis clothing keeps you and others safe. This is the main reason it is worn in professions such as construction or in industrial areas. It is proven to reduce accidents and prevent fatalities.

    More recently people use high-visibility running clothing in their personal time. It helps others see you, especially cars. Schools also use high-vis to help children stand out when walking to and from school.

    Be Seen in The Dark

    High visibility clothing means you can be seen in the dark or whenever there is a lack of lighting.

    It also means that you are able to stand out in different environments. Yellow is the most popular color for high visibility clothing but other bright clothes colors are also used.

    For example, pink is good at standing out from nature. Orange is most often used at sea due to the contrast in color. Whatever the environment, there is high visibility clothing to suit it.

    Spot the Difference

    Custom safety apparel is a great option if you want a team of people to stand out, or create unity within a group of people.

    High visibility clothes can be personalized with a company name or even an individual’s nickname. It allows the wearer to be easily identified from a crowd which is essential for sporting or arena events.

    An Extra Layer

    High visibility clothing can come in a variety of styles and fabrics. This means that it can act as another layer of clothing that can be breathable or protect you from the cold.

    It can be a great way to kit out your employees with a good quality fleece or jacket with an added safety benefit.

    Reap the Benefits of High Visibility Clothing

    Now you know a host of benefits you can gain from using high visibility clothing whilst keeping yourself and others safe. Whether you want personalized safety apparel or to make a good professional impression, the benefits are more than most people think.

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