8 Surprising Facts Associated With Content Marketing

8 Surprising Facts Associated With Content Marketing

Most of the marketers believe that content is considered to be the king of marketing and this is something that no one can disagree with. People make use of social media on a regular basis and they are constantly flipping through numerous articles and various other kinds of content, and share them with their friends and acquaintances. Content is not just a marketing tool but it is a lot more than that. It is crucial that you have knowledge about all the amazing facts that are associated with content marketing.

Given below is a list of the surprising facts, which you have to know about content marketing.

A company is responsible for generating more leads with the help of their blog

You need to understand that a company is capable of attracting numerous new clients only by having a single blog. People have an interest in reading a number of things about a particular business or they are interested in the industry. If your target customers already have knowledge about your company, you can be assured that having a business blog is going to help them to know you in a much better manner. Alternatively, if they do not have any knowledge about your company, your blog is going to help them to know you better. Apart from that, a company, which has an interesting blog and is responsible for updating it on a regular basis, is going to be extremely friendly and open to the target customers.

Content does not need to be original for working out

It is true that numerous people are of the belief that if their content is not a hundred percent original, they are not going to get the desired results. However, this is not true at all. Almost 50% of the marketers are responsible for taking the content from numerous trustworthy sources and are also changing it constantly for presenting it to their readers.

It is crucial that a particular piece of content is useful and interesting and not just unique. Therefore, it is mandatory that you remake an amazing piece of writing, which is going to benefit the readers as opposed to creating something, which is original but extremely boring.

Content is not always created by the content marketers

It is true that content is going to be extremely beneficial for each and every company, but all the companies have professionals who are responsible for creating unique content. However, a small company may not always be able to hire people because they have a tiny budget or because they are convinced that anyone and everyone can do content marketing. This is why they are responsible for assigning the job of creating content to people who are working in other positions.

Apart from that, you also need to understand that even the bigger brands do not have a complete team of professionals. It is true that most of them have content marketers, but according to www.thenextscoop.com, 50% of the big brands still do not have dedicated content directors.

Email is popular for content marketing

It is going to seem extremely surprising that people have an inclination towards social media in comparison to emails. However, you need to know that emails are popular content. This is why marketers need to keep developing marketing campaigns and also, exert effort into ensuring that emails are catchy and interesting. It is also extremely convenient because the industry of marketing has been working with emails for numerous years now. Therefore, it is much easier to find useful tools, which is going to make the process of email marketing easier. Apart from that, it will also be easy to evaluate whether a particular email marketing campaign is effective.

Articles that have images are popular in comparison to the ones that do not have images

When you simply add images to the blog posts and articles and they are accompanied by unique and catchy headers, it will be easy for you to make the content effective as well as appealing to the readers. While numerous people value information, images are going to work in a better manner especially when catching the attention of the readers is crucial.

Blogging regularly can help in increasing the traffic to a great extent

Having a particular blog and updating it is not going to be enough. If you are interested in increasing traffic, it is your responsibility to remain consistent. People are going to absolutely love it when your blogs are both interesting as well as active. If you are updating your blog 15 times every month without forgetting the quality of the posts, the results are going to be extremely surprising. Moreover, this is going to show that the company is extremely active and it is always saying something important to the potential customers as well as the clients. You also need to take care that you are planning digital strategy in a proper manner.

Even a content marketer is not capable of understanding the kind of content, which is effective

When you are thinking about content marketing, you need to know that it is extremely difficult to understand the kind of content that will provide the desired results, and the types, which are not. Almost 60% of content marketers face trouble when evaluating the effectiveness of a particular piece of content. Apart from that, marketers are still interested in learning as to how they can narrate better stories and also, make visual content even more appealing.

Content marketing is making use of different tactics

You need to understand that a single universal strategy is not going to be useful when you are marketing your content. Few marketers prefer including numerous videos as well as other kinds of visual content, while others are responsible for focusing on writing articles. Some also include podcasts, research papers, infographics, and some keep sticking to images and texts only. All the companies are responsible for examining the strategies and keep changing them if they are not effective.


Content marketing is an extremely difficult job especially because it is hard to decipher what is going to work for a particular brand. However, it is crucial that you educate yourself about the different facts that are associated with content marketing, so that it becomes easy for you to move ahead.

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