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5 Reasons You Should Buy Solar Generators 

With the global warming crisis becoming more apparent every day and the rapidly increasing heat and electric costs, renewable energy is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Solar energy is many people’s first option, with solar generators becoming a prevalent choice. 

Why Should I Buy Solar Generators? 

Renewable energy

Wish you could provide your home with heat and electricity that doesn’t cost the earth? One of the most significant advantages of using a solar generator is that it is a clean and renewable energy source and doesn’t put out any pollutants in the universe while storing energy from the sun. 

With our fuel sources rapidly depleting and climate change becoming significantly worst doing your part for the environment has never felt better. Solar generators allow you to decrease your carbon footprint while still getting a fantastic energy source. 

Meager costs 

A massive benefit for any household using solar generators is their low cost. Once you have paid for the equipment, such as solar panels and solar generators, the energy is entirely provided for free from the sun. There are also no running costs associated with solar generators compared to fuel generators. 

The limitation on fossil fuels is becoming widely known in this day and age. While these costs rapidly increase, more and more people are looking for an alternative. Solar generators are one of the most affordable renewable energy sources you can purchase and saves you tonnes of money in the long wrong. 

Efficient and low noise output 

If you have been beside a fuel generator, I’m sure you have heard the loud noise it produces due to the moving parts inside. Solar generators do not have moving parts, so noise production is kept to a minimum.

Additionally, the lack of moving parts makes a solar generator more reliable and less suspectable of breaking. 


Solar generators can produce and store enough energy to fuel various things. So whether you are looking to charge a mobile phone or run large appliances such as a fridge, your solar generator can be used for either! Their versatility makes them one of the most attractive forms of solar energy for households and consumers. 


People use solar generators for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you are looking for a solar generator to reduce home energy bills or want to make your travels more eco-friendly, there is a solar generator for you. 


Are you looking for a way to make your next camping trip as eco-friendly as possible? Solar generators are available in many sizes and weights, making many of them portable. This can also be highly beneficial to have on hand in case of an emergency or power outage. 

What Are The Best Solar Generators? 

The best solar generator suits your needs, whether a small, light one that can be carried during a camping trip or something significant and permanent in your garden to fuel your home. Luckily, solar generators are super versatile and are available in any way you require. 

Best overall solar generator

The Jackery Explorer 1000 portable power station is a favorite among many consumers as a portable solar generator. This power station can be entirely charged in the sun in around 8 hours and provides 1000 watts of power with many different output ports.

The Jackery Explorer 1000 is portable, weighing only 22lbs, and is easy to use with an LED screen that displays the battery. A perfect option for an extended camping trip or a road trip, this solar generator can power cameras, smartphones, electric grills, and computers, among many others. 

Best solar generator for homes

Titan by Point Zero Energy has one of the giant batteries available, a magnificent 2000 watts per hour. With such a massive power output, this solar generator can easily be used to help power your home and store plenty of energy. 

The battery on this generator is also removable, meaning you can have several batteries going simultaneously, ultimately reducing the need for using non-renewable energy sources for your home. In addition, the Titan uses a powerful AC charger that can charge your battery in just 3 hours. 

Best budget solar generator 

The Yeti 150 by goal zero is a perfect budget solar generator for those looking for a smaller output solar generator to bring on a camping trip or have as a backup for power outages or emergencies. 

The Yeti 150 produces 168 watts per hour and is perfect for powering small appliances such as a phone, computer, or small light. The Yeti 150 is one of the smaller and lighter solar generators and contains a replaceable battery. 

Best high-capacity solar generator

MAXOAK portable solar generator is a portable generator that packs a massive power output of 1500 watts per hour, making it an excellent option for emergencies. Its compact and lightweight size makes it easy to move around on the go. 

Multiple and large power outputs make it an excellent choice when you need to charge multiple outputs. This high-capacity solar generator is an excellent option for many things. Still, it would be particularly beneficial for traveling in an RV where you need to charge multiple outputs or use multiple electrical sockets. 

How Long Do Solar Generators Last? 

Generally speaking, an excellent solar generator should last 25 – 25 years alongside solar panels. The lack of moving parts decreases the chances of the solar generator breaking or needing to be repaired. If you invest in a good solar generator, they will often come will a great warranty and last 25 – 35 years, so it is a significant investment. 

Always shop around online and make sure you buy from a reliable company. If you are purchasing solar panels, too, many companies will offer a deal on a solar generator! 


There are a massive amount of benefits to using a solar generator. Whether you hope to power your home or make your camping trip more eco-friendly. There is a vast range of solar generators on the market which can suit every type of need. 

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