In 2021, providing a valuable product or service isn’t enough to secure success. You may well be the best there is at what you do. But it won’t do you any good if you can’t attract interest in your product.

That’s why many businesses will live or die on the strength of their brand. And just as brands need to reinvent themselves periodically to stay current, branding ideas are always evolving, too.

To help ensure that your next branding strategy leads to success, check out these concepts to help put your campaign over the top.

1. Put a Face to the Brand

A key way to help ensure that your brand stands out is to give it a certain human touch. Or in this case, a human face.

Particularly in the age of social media advertising, putting a recognizable face to your product can drive positive interaction. One report, for instance, found that Instagram posts with human faces performed 40% better than other posts.

The tendency to respond positively to other human faces is what gave rise to the cottage industry of social media influencers. But you don’t need to spring for an influence signal boost to reap the benefits.

You just need to associate a recognizable face with your brand. It can be one of the founders, a photogenic buddy of yours, even cartoonish illustration. As long as it’s distinct and memorable, it will help humanize your brand and help it to stick in consumer’s minds.

2. Embrace the “Quirk-Factor”

You may have noticed a trend towards a certain aesthetic over the last generation or so. You can’t quite put your finger on it, only that it has some vague impression of “quirkiness”.

Creating or commissioning unique, off-kilter, and memorable imagery for your brand can help you stand out and encourage brand recognition. Especially among younger demographics.

3. Take a Stand for Something

For millennials and zoomers, engaging with a brand isn’t just about buying a product or service that they need. They tend to want the things they buy to be compatible with their worldview.

That’s why companies that take a stand on issues tend to become very popular with those demographics. Ben & Jerry’s is a good example, with their dedication to popular causes earning them a consumer base they might not enjoy just on the merits of their ice cream.

It’s not to say that you need to devote your brand to changing the world. But if you can say that your business has an ethos that it stands for, you can stand out from the competition that exists only to sell a product.

4. Spread Around Some Goodies

At the end of the day, nothing quite compares to giving prospective customers something tangible that they can take with them. That’s why swag packs help brands standout.

Particularly when paired with recognizable design choices like those we’ve already mentioned. If you have a de facto human mascot, a quirky bit of design, or ties to a popular cause, providing physical goodies linking your brand to those qualities will help reinforce that association and make the overall effect more memorable.

The Right Branding Ideas Can Put You Over the Top

It was once the case that all you needed to do was convince the consumer that you provided the best product, the most reasonable price point, or some other tangible quality.

Now, effective marketing means achieving an impact.

With consumers awash in marketing at all times, you need an edge to not only get their attention but retain it amongst the sea of competition. And these branding ideas are great first steps towards securing your audience.

But marketing is just the beginning. For all the tips you need to keep your business running smoothly, be sure to keep up with the latest from Business to Mark.

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