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Top Tips To Follow When Shipping Artworks


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Whether it is your artwork or a piece from your art gallery, shipping of artwork takes care, safe-handling, and finesse. It is both an art and a science. Whatever the case, the work must be protected against damages and theft. Shipping artworks requires deliberate precision and elaborate planning. Before moving to the shipping of artworks, it is important to talk about the packaging of artworks first.

How To Package Artworks Before Shipping

Mind The Glass

When you are packaging artworks frames in glass, extra care should be taken to ensure the safety of the glass frames. It is better if the glass frame is not broken when the art is being transported. By installing painter’s tape on the glass frame, the surface of the artwork may be protected from damage in case the glass breaks during transport.

Wrapping Materials

The use of bubble wraps, plastic paper, or acid-free paper to wrap the artwork offers additional protection. A combination of two or more of these wrapping materials can also be used. This offers the first layer of protection for the piece of painting or print.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes filled with cushioning materials provide safety for artwork in transit. Thick cardboard boxes should be used for optimum protection.

Use Wooden Crates

Custom wooden crates offer the most reliable protection for artworks. Fine art moving companies like Convelio provide several crates according to the client’s requirements and specifications. Few damages are recorded in artworks transported in wooden crates.

Get Insurance For Your Artworks

Even after you have carefully packaged your artworks before transport, mistakes may happen. In preparation for any unforeseen circumstances, it is vital to ensure that you insure your artworks. So if a mistake occurs, you can be assured that insurance will cover the loss.

The most important thing to have in mind when shipping artworks is safety. With careful planning, almost all damages to artwork during transport can be avoided. A lot of things go into the shipping of artworks: from packaging to transport, to the preservation of the piece. This brings us to the top tips you need when shipping works of art.

Pro Tips for Shipping Artwork

Draw Up a Budget

Whether you are shipping a painting or a print, you must consider the cost of your packaging options. Paper wraps, cardboard boxes, and wooden crates come in various sizes, types, and costs. Choose packaging materials that are not too expensive for the artwork you are transporting. The use of recycled materials can also reduce the cost spent on packaging.

Mind The Layers Of Packaging

Experts believe that using several layers of protective materials on artworks ensures safe and hitch-free shipping. The first layer of protection is meant to safely hold the artwork in place. Packing tapes and pallet wrapping are used for the first layer. Your artwork should be wrapped starting from the back. Tapes securely hold the artwork and protect it from dust and water. Cardboard boxes are used for the second layer of protection. The cardboard should be tightly fixed on the first layer: the tape wrapping. This second layer makes the artwork well cushioned.

Bubble wraps are used for the third layer of protection. The bubble wraps should be tightly woven around the cardboard boxes of the second layer. This third layer acts as a shock absorber and prevents damage to the artwork in case the package is dropped. After packing these various layers: a small hole should be cut in the back of the package. This prevents moisture from being trapped in the artwork, as moisture can damage paintings and prints. Extra care should be taken when adding these layers to prevent damaging the artwork before shipping.

Consider Shipping Companies

The size of the piece you want to transport will determine your shipping options. For large pieces of art, truck deliveries and freight companies are your best bet. For small to medium-sized artworks, local shipping carriers can cater to that. Better still, special art shipping companies like Convelio can cater to all artwork shipping needs irrespective of size. The size and weight of the artwork will determine the cost of shipping. Consider your options thoroughly before deciding. Shipping companies that provide insurance should be considered first.

Be Professional

Artworks are not just pieces of print or canvas, they deserve respect, care, and safe handling. Like a doctor treats his patients delicately, artwork must be protected when they are handled. Artwork must maintain the same quality before and after shipping.


In conclusion, before you transport ant work of art, special care must be taken to adequately package the piece. Allow breathing space for the artwork when wrapping in water-resistant packages. Make sure you have insurance on your art and allow special art shipping companies to take care of the transport.

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