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The Benefits of Hiring Professional Event Planners


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It’s estimated that in the US, 1.8 million meetings and events happen every year. That’s almost 5,000 events per day!

Whether you’re just throwing parties for your family, celebrating a milestone, or trying to drum up business, there’s a big chance that you’ll have to put together you’re own event. If you already have,

Why should you hire professional event planners? Read on to find out all the benefits you can get from them!

You’ll Save Time

There’s no doubt that a tremendous amount of effort goes into event planning. Even for a simple kid’s birthday party, it’s recommended that you start 6 to 8 weeks before the big day! If you’re having a huge trade event for your business, just imagine how much time you’ll need for that.

Corporate event planners will be able to get started early and ensure that everything’s taken care of so you don’t have to block out time in your own schedule to handle these tasks. For example, with conference management services, the pros will cover everything from conference venue management and icebreaker activities, to stage design and audio-visual implementation.

With all these hours freed up, you can concentrate on what you’re truly passionate about, whether that’s running your business or spending time with your family.

You Can Actually Save Money

It might sound strange and even inaccurate that you’d save money by hiring someone to do a job you feel you can DIY. So let’s break down exactly why you’ll actually save yourself some cash.

Firstly, these are professionals who have years of experience in the industry. This means they have connections and relationships they’ve built with vendors. As a result, they’ll be able to negotiate for better prices that you wouldn’t be able to get on your own!

Also, with their knowledge and expertise, professional event planners can help look over your plans and then advise you on where you can cut costs but still put on a great party. These might often be overlooked by people without party-planning experience, which means you might be inadvertently spending a fortune on unnecessary things.

And lastly, and most importantly, we’ve already mentioned that event planners can save you time. Event planning is no small feat, so you’ll probably have to either take time off work and/or fill your free time with planning to make things happen. When you have a professional handling this for you, you can keep up with work and not lose money there.

You’ll Gain Their Experience

Even if you’ve been planning parties on your own for years, the scope of your experience probably isn’t very big. At the most, you’ve done a handful of birthday parties every year.

Now consider a professional event planner. They work with a myriad of clients every year, and these clients’ needs are in a wide and various range as well. They’re sure to have a diverse portfolio where they’ve dealt with events of all sizes, themes, and needs.

What this means is when they’re handling your event, professional event planners will be able to do so with ease. They’ll also know what’s currently trending, so you won’t run the risk of putting on an event that doesn’t resonate so well with your guests.

It’s More Efficient

As we’ve said above, event planners will save you time and you’ll benefit from their years of experience. When you combine these two factors, it means the overall process will be more efficient.

Consider what you’d have to do if you tried to DIY everything. You might feel overwhelmed and won’t even know where to begin. You might spend a long period of time just trying to sort everything out, before you even take action.

Now consider how a party planner would operate. After you brief them on what you need, they’ll be able to hit the ground running right after. Through their years of experience, they’ll have a template and a rough schedule of what needs to be done and when; there will be no hemming and hawing.

You’ll Stay on Schedule

On that note, anything major will usually run behind. But when you have a set date for your event, that’s simply unacceptable.

When you’re planning the event on your own, it’ll be hard to wrangle everyone and make sure they stay on top of their duties. All it takes is for one person to fall behind, and your event will be a disaster!

As we’ve just said above, a professional event planner knows what needs to be done and when. This means they’ll constantly be checking up on all stakeholders and will get things moving if things are falling behind.

They’ll be completely dedicated to ensuring your event goes off without a hitch, which means your big day will have their complete focus and attention. Whereas if you tried to handle party planning on your own, your personal life can get in the way sometimes when unexpected things arise and you need to handle them.

There’s Less Stress

One of the biggest event planner benefits is you’ll have way less stress on your shoulders. Being responsible for an event is already anxiety-inducing enough; add all the tasks associated with it on top, and it’s enough for anyone to have a nervous breakdown.

Whether you’re just a parent or you’re a manager at work, one thing’s for sure: “event planner” is not in your job description! So why should you try and be one?

In 2016, the career of event coordinator placed 6th in a list of the most stressful jobs in the world. And we’re talking about professionals as well, not ordinary people!

So why stress yourself out if it’s unnecessary? A professional event planner will take everything off your plate and they’ll coordinate every last detail to ensure that your event or party runs smoothly.

Just having this peace of mind alone is worth spending some money on a pro!

Your Event Will Look Flawless

Professional event planners are trained to have an eagle eye for detail. They also have the knowledge and experience to make sure your event or party doesn’t look tacky.

Everything will fall into place and look put together. Nothing will appear as if someone’s sloppily DIYed it.

And if you want to have a unique theme that no one’s ever done before, they can help with this too! Event planners will be extremely creative and can tailor your event’s look so your dreams are brought to life.

They’ll Handle Emergencies on the Big Day

Even if you planned your event extensively (either with or without the help of a pro), there’s no way you can predict emergencies. Do you know what you’d do in the event of one?

Don’t leave things up to chance, especially if it’s a huge milestone like your wedding day. Wedding event planners (and other party event planners) will have backup plans in place should things like inclement weather happen.

And even if something happens outside of their backup plans, these professionals will be able to think quickly on their feet and ensure your event goes on with as few interruptions as possible.

Your Event Will Be More Scalable

Let’s say the big day’s come and gone, and it was a huge success. Your bosses are pleased, so much so that they want to put this event on again next year, but bigger!

Sure, you might’ve managed to somehow pull it off this year by yourself. But will you be able to do so next year, or the following years? Probably not, considering your bosses will want to scale the event each time.

A professional event planner will have experience scaling events successfully. When you leave it in their hands, all you’ll have to worry about is the day itself, which should also be managed properly by these experts.

Hire Professional Event Planners for Your Next Party

Now that you’ve learned all about the benefits you can get by hiring professional event planners, it’d be a bad idea not to hire them for your next party! When you have the touch of an expert, not only will your event go smoother, but it’ll also be significantly less stressful on you.

So do yourself a favor and don’t try to plan a whole event all on your own. Instead, leave it to the pros and you’ll be able to throw a grand event that everyone will enjoy, including you!

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