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Smart Marketing Tips for Selling a Home on the Water in Florida

Your house is like your castle, even when you are listing it for sale. You may have a lot of memories in that home with your family and loved ones. However, when selling the house, there are important things you should consider to make sure your house sells as fast as possible.

Waterfront properties are a staple of the Florida region. While selling a waterfront property can be quite challenging, it can also be an exciting experience, especially if you’re looking to start a new life somewhere else.

Below are six smart marketing tips to help you sell your waterfront home in Florida:

Find a Real Estate Agent With Extensive Experience

You wouldn’t consult a landscaper when you have an electric issue in your hands or visit a dentist’s office when you’re experiencing back pains. The same case applies to realtors. It’s advisable to find a real estate agent with extensive knowledge and experience in selling waterfront properties.

Different properties need a different skill set to sell. The right real estate agent will have the right skill sets and a list of professional contacts to help when selling waterfront property. This could be the difference between a home that sells immediately after listing and one that overstays in the market.

By using an experienced real estate agent, you will be positioning yourself for a successful home selling process. It will also help you avoid costly mistakes and oversights that you would otherwise not notice.

Clean and Do the Necessary Repairs

When selling your home, you might be skeptical about spending too much money on repairs, and home remodels. However, remember that most buyers will try to balk and renegotiate the selling price if your home requires any repairs. Therefore, you should consider handling cost-effective and simple repairs and upgrades that could boost your home’s value.

Below are some of the most important home improvements you should consider:

Paint the Walls

You don’t need to stress yourself painting all your home’s walls plain white. But you could also try out pastels and neutral colors instead of very bright and bold ones. While you may love your purple bedroom or your black kitchen, most buyers find it challenging to picture themselves in your space, especially if they don’t like the colors.

The Yard and Patio

Trim your trees, shape the shrubs and ensure the garden and glass features are well maintained. Additionally, if you also have a pool or a deck area, ensure that it’s inviting and clutter-free. This will go a long way in attracting potential buyers.

Interior Repairs

Examine your home’s interior and ensure everything is functioning well. Small acts such as hiring a cleaning service to clean out your walls, carpets, binds and ensure that your woodwork is polished will also go a long way. You should also invest in a closet organization service to add to your home’s visual appeal.

Price Correctly

The prices of waterfront and lakefront properties often vary depending on the area and property specifications. It’s quite common for sellers to base the property value per square foot when setting the selling price. Alternatively, another common mistake is estimating the price based on similar properties on online websites.

In most cases, the price of a waterfront property is often affected by factors that aren’t directly related to the house. The average price of a waterfront property often depends on the current market factors. Other factors that impact the value of the property include:

  •  Water source characteristics and ecosystem
  • The location
  • Amenities on the property and in the community around
  • Size of the lake
  • House square footage

However, you should be very careful with realtors that try to tempt you with a high selling price because it’s a waterfront property. Ensure that there is also a solid marketing strategy to back up the high selling price. The agents need to understand the nuances of selling your waterfront property.

Staging for Showings and Photography

The condition and appearance of your property is an important factor when staging it for photos and showings. When preparing your house for sale, below are important tips to consider:

  • Remove any unnecessary furniture and declutter the rooms
  • Remove any obstacles to maximize the waterfront viewing
  • Ensure the house has ample lighting
  • Clean and organize everything in your house
  • Remove photos, paintings, and memorabilia from your display

Staging is essential if you want to attract the right buyers.  Ensure you remove any obstacles such as blinds, lamps, and other floor decorations from the rooms to open them up. You should also stage different rooms for photography.

Conduct Market Analysis

Conducting a comparative market analysis will help ensure your property is priced realistically based on current market conditions. Selling waterfront property requires proper pricing. You can hire a professional to help you with the real estate market analysis.

Below are tips to help you when doing a thorough analysis:

  • Evaluate the location and size of the house
  • Check its condition and features such as the number of baths, bedrooms and the total number of rooms
  • Examine the condition of the interior and exterior appearance of your house
  • Check the previous sale prices of the house, the utility bills, maintenance cost, and the local taxes
  • Evaluate the assess the value of the house
  • Compare the house with similar properties in your area that have been recently listed or sold
  • Check the current mortgage and financing trends and calculate the average interest rates

Comparing these factors will help you determine the right price for the house. An analysis will help a seller determine whether the house is well priced, and buyers pinpoint whether they’re getting a better deal on the property.

Smart Marketing Tips for Selling Your Home

Owning and selling a waterfront property is a lot of responsibility. However, with the right tips, you can make the selling process easier. Ensure you follow the above smart marketing tips to help you sell your waterfront property as quickly as possible.

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