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SEO Secrets Revealed: Strategies to Grow Your Plumbing Business


Search engine optimization or SEO for plumbers is of vital importance if they want to grow their business and prosper. The best SEO services for plumbers help to increase their businesses’ online presence and visibility so that people in need of plumbing services can discover them easily.

However, most people only go through and contact the first few businesses that pop up on the first page of any search engine’s search results. To achieve a prominent position on the first page of search engine results, businesses must implement the important SEO strategies for plumbers in order to rank high on the first results page of various search engines. This post elaborates on 7 such strategies.

Strategies to attain the best SEO for plumbers

Create an excellent website

In order to be visible to search engines, a website needs to be fast, functional, have good built-in security features, good UI/UX design and should be easy to use.

The above qualities allow search engine web crawlers to discover your website and navigate through it in order to index and rank it in search engines.

Factors that influence SEO for plumbers include your website’s loading speed, its title, Meta tags, titles of inner pages and site file structure.

Plumbers SEO best practices state that one’s company website has to be structured and coded properly in order for search engines to be able to detect one’s content.

Produce quality content

According to the rules of marketing and SEO for plumbers, content is king. The quality of content that you provide on your website for your customers’ and prospective customers’ reading pleasure, can help you outrank much larger plumbing companies on search engines.

One must ensure that the content on one’s website is accurate, up-to-date and packed with educational information, such that readers, who are all potential clients, get the feeling that they learned something from visiting your website and that the time they spent on it was worthwhile. This will help you establish your plumbing business’ expertise and bolster your plumbing credentials.

In accordance with the principles of SEO for plumbers, one should create a dedicated website page for every service that one offers. The more services you offer, the more your prowess in the provision of plumbing services gets showcased. When these different service webpages are linked to one another, search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., start to recognize the depth of your competence and authority when it comes to the provision of various types of plumbing services.

Make use of keywords

In order to achieve the ‘best SEO for plumbers’ ranking, you will have to do in-depth keyword research or hire a business to do it for you. Using those keywords you will have to re-write and revitalize the existing content on your website along with creating fresh new content. Search engines rank each webpage individually, therefore, the content on every page on your website should be interspersed with relevant keywords in order to have a shot at getting a high ranking on the first results page of any search engine.

Ensure that citations match

A NAP citation is a mention of crucial business information i.e., your name, address and phone number (NAP), anywhere else on the world wide web. These citations can appear on apps and many types of websites such as review websites, social networking sites and business directory websites like HomeAdvisor and Yelp. When your business is listed on multiple directories, search engine crawlers can cross-check them and find out whether or not your business information matches.

If there is a mismatch in one or more of your business’s NAP citations, then search engine crawlers may become sceptical of the authenticity and credibility of your business and end up not ranking your website at all.

Therefore, the best practices of SEO for plumbers require plumbing business owners to update their key business information, like NAP, on all websites and particularly on business directories, whenever there is any change in them.


Links like backlinks and internal links are very important for quality SEO for plumbing companies. These links help to build your website’s reliability, trustworthiness and reputation with search engine crawlers and prospective customers alike.

When well-known and authoritative websites link to articles, posts and pages on your business website, they do so through backlinks. This increases your business’s standing in the eyes of potential clients and web crawlers. Since Google’s guidelines forbid the buying and selling of links, the best way to get them is via having high-quality content on your website that famous or well-regarded websites would love to endorse. Good backlinks play an important role in lead generation for plumbers and all of this can be done by a competent digital marketing agency. By acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable and relevant websites, plumbers can increase their online visibility and establish credibility in their industry.

Internal links help create a smooth, user-friendly website for website visitors and also enable search engines to easily crawl and navigate through a website. A page on your website showcasing, say, the video drain inspection service that you offer can internally link to another page on your website that elaborates on how to prevent drain blockages or some ‘do-it-yourself’ methods to deal with a blocked drain before one calls a plumber.

Providing pertinent informational and educational content on your website helps prospective clients have more confidence in the quality of your services.

Make use of local SEO strategies

The plumbing services industry shows up high on the list of industries that receive the most local searches on major search engines. The more the number of people that visit your website, the higher the chances that many of them will decide to become your customer.

You must make sure to create a business listing on Google Business Profile, complete with all business details like phone numbers, email addresses and business hours so that prospective customers can easily contact your business. A Google Business Profile is important because those pages show up in search results when people search using phrases like ‘plumber in [location name]’ or ‘plumbers near me’.

Elevate your social media presence

Digital marketing entails more than just SEO for plumbing companies’ websites. It involves a business’s total online presence. Upping your social media game and having a ubiquitous presence online helps increase your credibility as a bona fide authority in the provision of plumbing services in the plumbing services industry. This credential makes it easier for new prospective customers to discover you through an organic web search.

Final take

One needs multifarious SEO strategies in order to aim at and target the many criteria and metrics that search engine algorithms take into consideration when coming up with rankings on their search results pages. One of the most important and efficacious strategies of SEO for plumbers is to be persistent and consistent over time. One must be in it for the long haul when trying to get one’s website ranked high in search engines and to ensure that it stays there when a high ranking is achieved.

In order to improve a website’s SEO, the business must monitor the performance of the various strategies of SEO for plumbers that have been set into motion and constantly make changes and adjustments as and when required.

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