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Offshore Company Incorporation in Serbia


Discover the benefits of company registration in Serbia for your Plan B. Explore the European business environment without high taxes or maintenance fees. Read our beginner’s guide and consult our specialists for a hassle-free offshore company incorporation in Serbia.

The present-day world is not as stable as it was some twenty years ago, and this is the reason why many people are looking for diversification of risks and investments. Many far-sighted entrepreneurs build full-fledged infrastructure in case something happens in their country of residence: they open offshore accounts, set up offshore companies, buy real estate abroad, and get second passports under citizenship by investment programs in different countries. And we at International Wealth help them to make arrangements for their Plan B in a hassle-free way.

In this post, we will discuss company registration in Serbia. This is a good option for your Plan B as you will run your business in a European country (that is on the verge of joining the EU) and you will benefit from all advantages of the European business environment without exorbitant taxes or company maintenance fees that you may have to pay in EU member countries. You can read our article for beginners before you decide on offshore company incorporation in Serbia and contact our specialists if you have any questions.

Serbia: a Pro-Business Hub

Serbia has been one of the most popular business and financial destinations for about a decade! Investors from different parts of the world flock here to have their share in the actively developing economy. The latter is extremely diverse: you can engage in different business activities in Serbia, from mining and heavy machinery to beauty salons and ski resorts.

The government takes a lot of effort to attract foreign entrepreneurs by offering tax incentives, excellent company registration conditions, and reliable asset protection. The country is a bridge between East and West, and a company established here can be used to take advantage of Eastern and Western markets.

Don’t miss a chance to join a bustling business community at the right time, and our specialists will help you do so within really short terms!

Serbia: Benefits for your Business

Serbia is by no means a one-size-fits-all solution, and neither is any other country. The right choice is not always easy as you may have your own priorities. And while it is always better to rely on a consultant’s help, here is a list of the top 10 reasons why a company in Serbia may be just what you need. You can take advantage of the following:

  • Business maintenance fees are quite affordable compared to other European countries
  • There are a lot of good professionals that do not charge much for their services
  • The laws that regulate business and corporate taxation are quite favorable and transparent, and there are agreements that were especially concluded to protect foreign investors
  • Excellent banking services, including those provided by large international banks
  • Really good IT infrastructure
  • High living standards at an affordable cost
  • The crime rate is quite low, which makes the country a safe place for living and running a business
  • The political environment in Serbia is quite stable, and it maintains good relations with major countries that influence the world policy
  • The education level is quite high, which makes recruitment easy
  • Finally, if permanent residence in a European country is what you are looking for, opening a company in Serbia will give you this opportunity.

At this stage, most of our customers find something that is in line with their priorities and want to know more details about the Serbian business opportunity. Do not hesitate to use the above link to our portal and get in touch with qualified specialists that have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to set up a company in Serbia! We have a local representative office that will make the procedure as smooth as is reasonably possible.

Serbian Banking

If you are inexperienced in opening corporate accounts, it would be better to get a specialist’s advice. 

Let’s consider, for example, the reasons to choose a particular bank from all those available in Serbia. You will need to take into account the following:

  • The country from which the company owner originates
  • The countries where your principal business partners operate
  • The importance of the bank’s credit policy to you
  • Your existing account with any bank

All these factors will help you (or the specialist) choose the right bank that will serve the purpose.

Do you need to be present in person to open a corporate bank account? Well, we can help you open an account online as all the administrative issues will be handled by a local manager of attorney. We will also give you recommendations on how to deal with the first few transactions to prevent the freezing of your account. This is a peculiarity of Serbian banking: the first few transactions are usually the most critical ones as they define your further relations with the bank.

Need a Quick Solution? Buy a Ready-Made Company!

You are ready to start a business tomorrow and you don’t want to lose a minute? There is a solution for you, too: you can buy a ready-to-use company in Serbia (also referred to as a shelf company). It is an existing company that has a local director and a bank account but does not conduct any operations. You can replace the local director’s name with yours (or keep a professional resident director to manage your operations) and start working tomorrow!

What is the procedure? It’s fairly simple: you contact our specialists (using the above link) and tell them that you need a ready-made company in Serbia. You sign a respective agreement, pay for the service, and the company is yours! 

Anyway, if you are interested in the offer, contact us for more details. This is an unbelievable opportunity for people who make decisions quickly!

If you are unsure whether to buy a company in Serbia, you can rent one for a start. We can tell you more about it at a personal session.


The right time to take advantage of Serbia’s rapidly developing business community is now when the upward tendency is the most prominent. Please contact us to start the process of company formation straight away or ask any questions you may have – or simply follow the link to our portal where you will find much more information on different aspects of offshore business.


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