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How to Spot and Find a Commercial Roof Leak


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The average cost of installing a roof is about $11,000 or maybe higher, depending on the size and type of roof in question.

That’s pretty expensive by most standards, and not many people can afford to replace their roofs now and then. Unfortunately, frequent roof replacement is something you’ll have to contend with if you don’t take proper care of your roof.

One way of taking good care of your roof is by spotting roof leaks early on. While most people know this, not many of them know how to sp[ot commercial roof leaks. This leads to a lot of money down the drain for entire roof replacements instead of simple repairs.

If you’re having trouble spotting that annoying roof leak in your commercial space, fear not, we’re here to help. In today’s post, we’ll be highlighting a few ways you can spot leaks on your commercial roof. 

Look Out for Puddles and Dripping Water

The most obvious sign of a roof leak is actual dripping or formation of water puddles on the floor. This isn’t the best look for your company, especially if you’re trying to maintain a professional image. Whether it’s a small drip or an entire mini shower, the earlier you get rid of it, the better it is for you.

Leaks of this type are very dangerous because they can damage electrical appliances, leading to further losses. They can also compromise your building’s structural integrity, making your commercial space a safety hazard. The moment you spot a drip or a water puddle in your commercial space, arrange for commercial roof repair.

Check for Stains on the Walls or Ceilings

Prolonged exposure to water causes staining on the ceiling, leaving large ugly stains. Sometimes the staining can spread to the walls if the leakage is near to them. This can lead to extensive wall damage if you don’t take care of the issue soon enough.

Stains on the walls and ceilings look very unprofessional and can hurt your corporate image. Painting over them leaves an awkward patch on the wall, which is sometimes even worse. In fact, your best bet is to call a professional roof repair service and let them get rid of the stains.

Inspect for Any Physical Damage on the Roof and Flashing

When your roof or flashing damages because of whatever reason, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll also find a roof leak. In fact, you can keep roof leaks at bay by being on the lookout for any commercial roof repairs signs. That’s why it’s important to arrange a roof inspection at least twice a year.

These roof inspections will check for:

Open seams: This means checking the roof’s edges for any loose seams that leave the roof membrane unsecured, allowing water to leak through.

Blocked drains: Clogged drains are an absolute mess because they can cause actual ponding on your roof. Excessive accumulation of water can lead to leaks or sometimes make the entire roof cave in.

Holes and tears on membranes: Severe weather like hail can cause punctures in roof membranes. These punctures are a leading cause of roof leaks in commercial roofs.

Blisters on roof membranes: Membranes that have exceeded their design life will crack or bubble up. These cracks and bubbles easily rupture, leading to roofing leaks.

Ruined flashing: Sometimes, the flashing around your roof may damage, causing water leaks and general roof damage.

Check Your Energy Bills for Abnormal Surges

If your energy bills are going through the roof, you might have an actual leak on the roof. Punctures on the roof reduce your building’s insulation capacity. This means your HVAC must work harder to keep the place cool or warm.

If your energy bills are going up for no particular reason, then you better call Wolcott Roofing to check for any leaks. Doing it as soon as you can, will help save you a bundle in energy costs.

Look for Mold and Pungent Odor

Warm and moist environments present the ideal conditions for mold growth. The proliferation of mold results in a pungent odor that could be a huge turn-off for your customers.

What’s more, many mold species are hazardous and can lead to respiratory complications and other flu-like symptoms.

Find Missing Shingles

A few missing or broken shingles could indicate a leak on your roof. Shingles may break because of adverse weather or wear and tear over time. Whatever the case, it’s a good idea to have professionals check out the roof before it’s too late.

Feel for Moist External Walls

Moist external walls indicate a leakage problem that most likely comes from the roof. If you notice any dampness when you touch your external walls, you probably have a roof leak. If you don’t address the problem soon enough, you’ll sooner or later have damp internal walls too.

Common Causes of Roof Damage

Roof leaks occur because of some degree of damage to the roof. This begs the question, what causes roof damage in the first place. Here are a few causes of roof damage.

Wear and tear: The older a roof gets, the more wear and tear it has. Age makes the roof deteriorate and damage, leading to tears that result in roof leaks.

Adverse weather: Extreme weather is arguably the leading cause of roof damage that translates to leaks. Hail storms and strong winds can puncture or destroy your roof.

Roof corrosion: Cladding sheets require a protective coating to protect them from moisture. Corrosion occurs when the cut edges of roofs aren’t recoated.

How To Spot Commercial Roof Leaks Made Easy

We hope the above information on how to spot commercial roof leaks will help you sidestep those annoying leaks that are definitely bad for business. Remember, it’s on you to be extra vigilant about any roofing issues to prevent roofing leaks. Also, you can always trust the pros to handle any roofing repairs and maintenance if need be.

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