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How to Save with AutoZone Coupons: Maximizing Discounts and Benefits


Saving money is something almost everyone appreciates. Fortunately, AutoZone offers various ways to save money. Whether you have a local store that offers its own specials, or you find coupons online, you can fix or improve your vehicle without breaking the bank. Along with applying coupons and discounts, you can benefit from other services and deals offered, such as free next-day AutoZone delivery.

Where to Find AutoZone Coupons

Taking advantage of AutoZone coupons is one of the easiest ways to save money. They are easy to find, as well. When you visit Autozone.com, you can use the store locator link to enter your zip code and find the stores in your area. Once on your local store’s website, click on ‘online promo codes’, and you can see what deals are available near you.

These coupons may include a certain percentage off your order, a special sale price on specific items, a BOYO deal, or a certain dollar amount of a particular product. There is also a clearance section, where you can find discounts on items that are available only for a limited time.

You can also access the ad for your neighborhood AutoZone. These deals generally come out every month, and you never know what you may find discounts on, such as:

  • Motor oil
  • Air fresheners
  • Brake cleaner
  • Drying or microfiber towels
  • Batteries and battery chargers
  • Floor mats
  • Smart diagnostic tablets

You may even find deals on bundles, such as brake bundles, which consist of a brake cleaner, lubricant, and fluid.

Personalized Offers and Special Discounts

If you shop at AutoZone frequently, you will benefit from signing up for its awards program. It is free to sign up, and after five qualified purchases, you receive a $20 reward you can use towards your next order. Being a rewards member grants you numerous benefits. You will receive customized offers, you can manage your service history, and you gain free access to hundreds of repair guides.

Additional Deals to Take Advantage Of

Whether or not you use coupons or are a loyalty member, there are other ways you can save money at AutoZone. Check out auto parts online free shipping. This free delivery is for eligible orders over $35, and you receive your items the next day.

Under the ‘deals and savings’ category, check out the selection of rebates available at your local store. These may take a little more work to receive, but when you get a $5 or $10 rebate or a $20 digital gift card, it will be worth it.

AutoZone offers various free services for its clients. Some of the great ones are the free battery, alternator, starter, and warning light tests. These help you know what is wrong with your vehicle and when you need to replace important components.

If you have an old, used battery, you can drop it off and possibly receive a $10 gift card. For your convenience, AutoZone also accepts used motor oil, used car parts, plastic, and cardboard, which saves you time and money having to dispose of them yourself. Come to the nearest Autozone store during opening hours and grab your deal.

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