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How Technology Is Destroying Student Jobs


Technological development is changing everyday life, introducing new features, facilities, and challenges at the same time. One of the main difficulties nowadays is job automatization which leads to decreased workplaces. As a result, it becomes more complicated for young specialists and temporary workers to get employed. 

Review the situation in the employment market and be ready to face the related hardships and overcome them successfully. 

Technological Unemployment

These days life has increased in quality and comfort with a number of technologies being introduced constantly. Companies have already directed much of their investments into automatizing different processes and functions inside and outside. This may have a positive impact on their performance. The productivity has increased, the revenue is bigger, and the operations are optimized. 

Unfortunately, this all leads to technological unemployment meaning people lose jobs due to technologies preferred by companies’ management. If earlier students used to earn well by being professional coursework writers, or help desk operators, nowadays these functions are performed by AI, leaving soon-to-be specialists jobless. 

Increased Productivity and Lowered Costs

In most cases, big reputable companies haven’t got many workers. The reason is not that they don’t want to or can’t employ more people, they just don’t need them. The companies have opted for automatized functions by investing in technological development. Eventually, they decrease the net cost of their products and services by having fever workers to pay to. But productivity goes up without the human factor being present. 

In short, big employers benefit from introducing AI and other automatized features. The only ones who lose are employees, mostly less qualified who have fewer chances against the machine to get the job. 

Jobs Under Threat

Although students, as the ones who have little experience but need the increasing income much, are top vulnerable people, there are many qualified workers who lose their jobs due to automatization. Here is the list of the jobs under threat of extinction with the machines being introduced by companies more and more widely:

  • Accounting – it is a matter of time before companies won’t need accountants and financial specialists anymore. Automatized accounting is error-free, more productive, and can cover any complicated tasks without complications. Although accounting is not a popular job among students, those who devoted their lives to the job in this field are to be seriously concerned. 
  • Retail workers – many students advance from part-time jobs as shop assistants, but things may go worse really soon. With online shopping being more convenient, safe, and optimized, the retail industry will not need so many workplaces with students losing their chance to earn a living in the shop nearby.
  • Proofreading and editing – while creative writing is yet a mission impossible for AI programs, proofreading and editing is a task already automized. Students who use to earn good money between doing homework on their laptops by perfecting the texts should get seriously concerned. There are many automatical tools that check spelling, grammar, and style mistakes, and improve writing quickly and error-free. This way they are preferred over a human worker who can skip a mistake and have lower productivity than the machine. 
  • Delivery – students who have bicycles, scooters, or own cars can make easy money by delivering takeout food, doing groceries, or any other kind of orders where the courier is needed. But the truth is that this job is going to lose much in the process of automatization. Drones and other robotic devices are already being tried and used to perform small deliveries during pandemics. Plus, self-driven cars are to be introduced really soon. So the delivery sphere is going to have fewer job offers in the nearest future. 
  • Construction workers – students who are physically strong know well they can make a fortune by doing odd jobs at the construction site. But this is a place where robots can prevail soon. The perfect example is Japan where humanoid robots and other AI machines are performing building and other construction tasks with higher productivity and speed. As a result, people have no chance to be hired for similar jobs when machines are widely used. 
  • Agriculture – agriculture is a perfect sphere for a student to earn much during summer vacations. Whether working in the field or on the farm, a student can gather new experiences, explore the world, and get a steady income. Yet, with a number of new machines already introduced and processes automatized, a student can forget about temporary employment in agriculture. While earlier a number of people were involved to look after the field or farm, today only one operator is needed to monitor the machines. So that workplaces in the agricultural sphere are few now.

If you are a student looking for temporary employment or doing an odd job to increase your income, get ready for high competition in the job market. This doesn’t only involve you need to be smarter only than other employees to get the job. You should also be prepared that your possible work may be performed better by the machine or the process for you to cover may be automatized. As a result, you have a poor chance to get that very same job. 

This makes it necessary for you to invest in self-development and become a good specialist so that AI cannot replace you in the nearest future. Study the job market, discover current tendencies, and make the right choices so that you can get employed whether you are looking for a temporary job or wish to start a whooping career early. 

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