Bespoke Software vs Custom Off-The-Shelf


    Many startups are looking to accelerate their promotion by using online tools or utilities. While most entrepreneurs used to work in stores or offices, now the main income comes from online business. In order to properly distribute responsibilities among employees and increase company profits, quality software should be implemented.

    When we talk about buying a new platform, it is important to decide whether to buy it online or to order custom software integration from To avoid making a mistake, study the basic principles of custom software vs off the shelf and choose the best solution for you.  

    Advantages of Bespoke Software

    Suppose your business is related to transportation. You need to remember every type of transportation, the direction of travel, and the cargo that is stored in the truck. Therefore, you may need a cloud-based system to help you store and use the information. 

    What is custom software? It is a platform that is adapted to the client’s wishes. If the software should have a built-in function for online banking, this will be present. If you need to integrate your existing database, the team can offer the perfect solution.

    When choosing between commercial off-the-shelf software vs custom software, you should choose a platform that is set up by programmers. Your colleagues will start working in the new program, and you will see how fast the installation and interaction with your database is.

    Custom projects have the following advantages, which distinguish them from other utilities:

    1. The program will only have the options you need to achieve your goals. With the right setup, you’ll optimize the execution of common tasks and increase your own organization’s profits.
    2. It doesn’t matter how many employees work with you. You’ll be able to delegate rights to everyone, improving and speeding up the entire company. 
    3. If you’ve outlined a number of conditions before the order, and you need to expand the range of tasks to be performed as you develop, they will be included in the project.
    4. You won’t have to spend time on learning the principles of the utility and presenting it to your colleagues. Programmers will help you to configure each function and optimize the system.
    5. The data will be reliably protected. The program uses modern encryption algorithms, thanks to which the information will not be intercepted or transferred to third parties.

    Custom vs off the shelf software – which type is more attractive? Writing an innovative platform is a real breakthrough for every organization. You’ll come out on top and leave competing firms far behind, because you’ll be able to accelerate your own tasks. Determine what features you need now, and what features you might need a little later, so developers can create an application that’s perfect for you.

    Advantages of Custom Off-The-Shelf software

    What is off the shelf software definition? It is a platform presented for purchase online. The programs perform a specific set of functions and are adapted to classic tasks. You can buy and use similar utilities, but it is not always possible to set up or integrate your own database. Check out the brightest representatives of such software, designed for accounting, office tasks, software for mailing lists and more.

    Before looking for a new platform to work with, it is worth deciding what will help perform the main tasks – custom made vs off the shelf software. To do this, draw up a ToR, specify what the program should do, whether you need automated features.

    Familiarize yourself with the define off the shelf software. Such solutions have a lot of advantages:

    1. If you don’t have time to wait, you can use a utility that is already written. It installs in minutes, so you can test the features right away. But, if you have a database and other tools that you also need to get things done, you may have trouble integrating it.
    2. You may think that a solution like this requires less investment than a custom one. Buying a license will be cheaper, but during the process you will need updates, extensions of the program, and so on. You will have to pay extra for all this. 
    3. You can test the software, make sure it is reliable and that it performs the programmed options quickly. But will it be enough for daily work? You should evaluate the capabilities of custom software vs off the shelf software
    4. If errors appear during the execution of tasks, you can always contact your manager. There is also a section on the official website with solutions to popular questions. There you can find a simple answer, if a similar problem occurred to customers who are already using similar tools.

    Are you planning to start an online business? For online stores that are just starting out and don’t own a lot of capital, the products available for purchase will be the best choice. You don’t have to spend money on a long code writing process and wait for everything to be implemented in a new program.


    When you find out the difference between bespoke and off the shelf software, you can make the right decision. If you have a large staff and an extensive range of services for clients, it is worth choosing a custom platform. Bespoke is the best choice for such organizations, which need each of the staff to perform a specific task.

    But for a quicker start with a new platform, an off-the-shelf product is suitable. It targets typical tasks that are appropriate for different areas of the business. Hurry up and order a quality application that will become your constant companion. Work will get done faster, and automated features will help colleagues switch to more important tasks.