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All You Need To Know About Robo Investing

You’ve probably heard of Robo investing by now, but what exactly is a Robo-advisor and how does it work? A Robo-advisor is an investment platform that offers the management of portfolios for clients without the need for human financial advisors. These platforms are often scalable, require little to no human input, and can be used by individuals with many different budgets and amounts of money to invest.


On a fundamental level, Robo advisors are attracted to the idea that they can eat away at the market share of traditional asset managers by simply offering a lower cost structure and better service. This is a very successful strategy that has seen growth in both the asset management industry and, now, within Robo investing platforms.

What makes Robo investing so appealing?

Robo investing provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional financial advisors by leveraging technology to meet goals and objectives. Robo investing use technology to manage portfolios which allows them to accomplish very specific tasks in a low-cost structure. Most Robo investing

platforms use algorithms or quantitative methods to identify investment opportunities and then implement their strategies. They do this by using data analysis and receiving wisdom on the market trends of certain assets, coupled with a computer model. This knowledge base can then be used to identify market trends such as when stocks are cheap or expensive when sectors of the stock market will rise or fall, and more.

Where to start with a Robo investing?

Choosing the right Robo-advisor to invest in is just that: choosing. Every investment platform is going to have different features and qualities which will help you choose one that suits your personal needs.

For example, if you are investing on a small budget, then a lower-cost structure may be your first consideration. But if you are investing a large amount of capital, and therefore need more in-depth analysis to ensure you are protected from significant losses, then you may want to pick an investment platform that offers this kind of service.

Which is the Best Bank for Robo Investing in Singapore?

As you can see, there are many advantages to using a Robo-advisor and now that you know how much they can offer you, it’s important to choose the right one. All of the online banks have competitive Robo-advisory platforms, but the one that is the most popular and best suited for you will depend on your personal preferences. One of the best in Singapore for Robo Investing OCBC Roboinvest is a bank that caters to the diverse needs of premium clients and the team of professionals is supported by expert analysts.

Why Choose OCBC Roboinvest?

OCBC Roboinvest is a comprehensive Robo investing platform that offers customers digital wealth solutions for richer experiences. The solutions are designed to empower users to handle their day-to-day finances effectively. Users want to make their lives easier through innovative technology and OCBC Roboinvest brings this to them.

  1. Control how you invest:

OCBC Roboinvest is a comprehensive Robo-advisory platform that everyone can use. The platform allows you to determine how much of your money should be invested in each asset type. This provides you with the flexibility to invest in the asset types that suit your personal goals and objectives.

2.No lock-in period:

Your Robo-advisor portfolio is managed on a daily basis and this means it will never be locked into a particular investment strategy. You can manage your portfolio as often as you like and change your investing style in response to market conditions.

  1. Real-time reports and updates:

You have full visibility into your portfolio at any point in the day, you can also set up reminders for yourself so you never miss an important update.

  1. Get your portfolio reviewed:

Team members from OCBC Roboinvest will review your portfolio on a monthly basis to ensure you are on track with your investment goals.

  1. Lowest brokerage in Singapore:

OCBC Roboinvest has the lowest brokerage of all the Robo investing in Singapore, making it more feasible for everyone to invest with technology. Here is how the platform compares to other providers:

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