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8 Ways to Make Engagement More Than a Forgotten SOP


Employee engagement is crucial for any business, but how each inspires it is a different matter entirely. While there are some universal tips, the truth is that each business environment is different, and so are the employees.

What should be the basis of boosting employee engagement is the human factor, or, in plain words, investing in your teams.

People may be different and have different goals, but everyone desires to do a fulfilling job and be adequately rewarded for the effort.

Let’s see how businesses can engage their workforce and establish a work corporate culture that will keep attracting talent.

Set up Employee Development Plans

Focus on employee development plans to help employees thrive. EDPs have a two-fold function:

  •         They uphold professional development
  •         They encourage personal development

Hence, an EDP may take into consideration soft skills in addition to the hard skills required. However, for an EDP to be successful, you should discuss employees’ goals individually.

Create Common Goals

Common goals can inspire participants to perform better.

Project collaborations can boost employee performance significantly. When everyone feels like an integral part of the team, they will share successes and failures and learn from their mistakes.

It would seem that the days of the traditional business model are numbered, at least for companies aiming to survive the rapid changes brought forth by innovation and driven by technological progress. Even if traditional execs are not too happy about this prospect, they don’t have much choice in the matter.  

Embrace the Startup Culture

One good example of relative equality is seen in startups. Because they operate in tricky environments and ever-changing market conditions, they have no choice but to constantly adjust their approach and consider multiple different ideas.

For example, brainstorming is common. Every employee should be encouraged to contribute ideas to benefit the team. This kind of environment naturally makes people want to participate because they feel they’re truly part of the team. By extension, it also boosts creativity, which is – regardless of what life coaches and other dubious professionals may claim – something that cannot be mastered if your mindset is fixed.

Offer Stat-of-Art eLearning Programs

Embrace eLearning for upskilling to help your employees reach their objectives faster.

eLearning is rather common these days, so there are plenty of options available.

However, if you want your business to stand out, rely on modern trends, which include microlearning, gamification and AR learning.

Offer Swag

Load up on the employee swag to make employees feel welcome. New hires can be motivated in such a way, but don’t forget your loyal employees either.

After all, there are so many options to choose from that you can kill two birds with one stone: make employees feel appreciated and boost your branding. Think in terms of mugs, T-shirts, and similar apparel to begin with.

Use Construction Apps

Use apps for construction and other trades to streamline complex processes and leave employees with more time for specific tasks.

Nothing boosts engagement more than meaningful work, so pick sophisticated software solutions that will empower your teams’ creativity.

Think beyond the usual; the finest offer seamless integration, making a whole slew of day-to-day processes more engaging (not to mention, easier to handle).

Employee Feedback Rules Supreme

Anonymous feedback is important on multiple levels. Firstly, it will tell you what your employees are unsatisfied with, but without being afraid of retribution.

Anonymity has several benefits, with safety and honesty topping the list. In addition, it sends the message that all employees are equal, because nobody knows who provided which feedback.

In simple terms, anonymous feedback sends a clear message to all employees: their opinion is valued. Good managers listen to employees’ feedback and take their opinion into account. This, in turn, boosts the engagement.

In fact, look at employee engagement from the perspective of psychology rather than business. Everyone wants to get an equal chance at success as everyone else and everyone wants their ideas to be heard.

Embrace Innovation

Innovation is happening all the time; it’s just that we don’t often recognize it until it becomes omnipresent. What is important is to encourage employees to actively take part in the developments so that they can participate in the change (for the better).

This practically means that all employees should participate – from managers to novices, and equally at that. As mentioned above, execs are, as a rule, most often the first to be against it. The reasons are not so difficult to imagine – power and money have their allure.

However, more and more businesses are learning the ropes of agile methodologies nevertheless, allocating seasoned managers to devise strategies for the future. This is, so to speak, the best time to jump on the bandwagon and include all employees in this shift.

When everyone is learning on the go, boundaries are easily blurred. You can be certain that employees will appreciate the effort and engagement will come naturally.

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