5 Good Reasons Why You Should Install Cashless Pay Points on Your Car Park

The old adage “cash is king” no longer seems quite as pertinent as it used to be. I mean at one time it used to only be royalty and the aristocracy that didn’t carry cash. However in the modern world, while cash may not be obsolete, it is quickly becoming an outdated method of payment. Customers now have numerous other ways to pay such as by debit or credit cards or even by using details saved on their smartphones.

So, what does this mean for car parks? Well, let’s face it motorists are always looking for convenience when it comes to parking. They no longer want to have to search around in the car for an extra 50 pence to put into a machine when it’s much easier to just pay by tapping a card on the machine or accessing an app on your phone. Modern Technology like ANPR cameras can now be utilised to not only help with car parking enforcement but also to make paying for your parking much easier. So, we thought we would take this opportunity to highlight five reasons why you should consider installing cashless pay stations at your car park.

It Makes Paying for Parking Much Simpler

In the current climate, customers have got used to the convenience of paying for things electronically. This is the same when it comes to parking their car. Offering them a variety of ways to pay such as contactless card payments or smartphone apps can only help improve the parking experience. They are more likely to return to your car park and repeat visits translate to higher usage and, therefore, higher profits.

Removes the Possibility of Human Error

Cash is probably the least secure method of payment now available to business owners. Where people are handling cash, there is always the possibility of mistakes with change or in some cases fraudulent payments using counterfeit notes and coins. Installing cashless pay stations will eradicate all these problems while at the same time making your business more streamlined by reducing labour costs.

Improves the Customer Experience

As with any business, the needs of the customer should be of paramount importance. If you provide motorists with convenient stress-free parking, one of the best ways to do this is by offering them a range of easy payment options. Cashless payments mean motorists will no longer have to run around trying to find a payment machine or get a ticket before leaving. No longer will they be scrabbling around for that small ticket which often gets mislaid. It will make entering and exiting your parking space much quicker which can only enhance the parking experience.

Ease of Use

Cashless pay points are extremely easy to use. You find the machine, tap your card and you’re good to go. Alternatively, you can pay on your smartphone while still sitting in your car. This speeds up the parking process and helps make your car park much more efficient. The ANPR cameras that are an integral part of cashless car parks also make it easier for car park owners to monitor car park usage and implement improvements.

Increases Revenue

When you offer cashless pay stations it will make parking a much smoother and more convenient experience for motorists. By being able to pay quickly for their parking it encourages them to come back and use your car park again and again. It also significantly reduces the chances of a motorist not paying the correct charges or failing to pay at all. If your car park gets the reputation of being easy to use it will increase usage and that means a healthier bottom line on your balance sheet.

The five points listed above are just a few of the ways installing cashless pay points can benefit your business. There are a few more but hopefully the information above has demonstrated how beneficial this could be to your business.


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