5 Beautiful Advantages Of Moving To Charleston, SC


    Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong era? Do you dream of strolling past antebellum homes on a warm, sunny day, making your way toward the open-air market while horse-drawn carriages mosey past?

    Well, you can! And you don’t have to give up your modern luxuries to do it, because moving to Charleston, SC provides both.

    Not quite convinced? Keep reading to learn a few more convincing reasons to make a home in Charleston, SC.

    1. Commuting Is Easy

    The streets of downtown Charleston are narrow and can be stressful to drive through with heavy traffic, but driving isn’t a necessity! Instead of sitting in a car, you can soak up the southern sun while you walk, bike, or travel by boat to your destination.

    You can still take advantage of this benefit even if you live outside of the downtown area, as there are many public garages and parking spaces with minimal fees.

    2. Beach Days Are Never-Ending

    Though living in Charleston, SC means being surrounded by water, you won’t find a beach in the city. But a gorgeous beach day at Folly Beach or Sullivan’s Island is only a quick drive down the street.

    And because the weather in coastal South Carolina is so mild, you’ll be able to enjoy the beaches almost all year round!

    3. The Community Is Great for Families

    If you’re looking for a place to raise your children, buying a house in Charleston, SC could be your answer. The welcoming atmosphere and boundless southern charm found in Charleston are incomparable to anywhere else in the world.

    Not to mention, there are a wealth of fantastic neighborhoods in the area. An experienced realtor such as those at Jeff Cook Real Estate can assist you further, but from West Ashley to Moncks Corner, there’s no shortage of adorable suburbs.

    4. You’ll Never Be Bored

    Lounging on the beach is just one item on the virtually endless list of attractions and activities Charleston has to offer.

    There’s surfing, kiteboarding, deep-sea fishing, exploring the many parks and gardens, and immersing yourself in the rich history of the city. As long as you apply plenty of SPF before you head out the door, you’re free to spend the entire day having fun in the sun!

    5. Southern Food Is Unmatched

    Beaches and colonial architecture are great, but let’s be honest—the best thing about SC living, especially on the coast, is the food! Because Charleston is right on the coast, you’ll have all the delicious, fresh seafood you could ever want.

    After you’re finished eating a bowl of she-crab soup with cornbread, you can sip a cup of sweet tea while you meander along the coast before heading home.

    Is Moving to Charleston, SC Right for Your Family?

    If you find yourself longing for mild weather, sandy beaches, and historic avenues, moving to Charleston, SC might be right for you!

    And you can be sure that when you pack your bags and head toward the Atlantic, the gentle waves and old southern charm will be waiting there to welcome you home.

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