Top trends for Insurtech 2022

New trends for Insurtech are being developed to complement and improve existing practices, as well as to strengthen insurance tools.

So given that Insurtech is a set of innovative technologies used to get the most out of the new model of the insurance industry, there is no doubt that it will be very useful for your business.

So, if you want to go ahead and learn the latest trends in Insurtech around the world and then implement them, we will mention and explain the main ones below. If you want to apply some technologies in your business or you understand that some business processes are outdated, then we recommend that you contact

Key trends 2022

Artificial intelligence

Although artificial intelligence in insurance was one of the first areas of Insurtech to enter the service market, it is constantly being updated and remains one of the most important.

The main reason for its persistence is that with the help of “AI”, the service provided can be fully customized and supported by systems such as chatbots.

This technology is used to automate repetitive processes, optimize risk analysis and improve customer interactions, as understanding their preferences is vital for optimal service.

Finally, with AI-supported and updated within Insurtech business models, you can:

  • Deploy bots to handle claims
  • Providing trackers in the health insurance industry
  • Provision of vehicle tracking devices
  • Introduction of dynamic and intelligent sensors

Machine learning

While the vast majority of businesses have an insurer to assist their movements, there is always a risk that something will go wrong. But with machine learning, another Insurtech trend that has stood the test of time, anything is predictable.

In other words, this type of technology has already produced results all over the world and with its updated image will allow:

  • Collect data from smart home devices.
  • Train chatbots.
  • Strengthen the AI-related help desk that is delivered to customers.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a system made up of devices that are linked together to form a network with others over the Internet. While they have made progress in recent years, they still have more to do.

Those who have used Insurtech in insurance companies probably have in mind that in the short term, all devices in our daily lives will be connected to the same Internet source.

Therefore, having learned to put into practice the innovations of this area in Insurtech, you will not only improve the service of insurers but also allow you to:

Create programmed processors and memory to perform certain actions.

Maintain a much more efficient and direct communication channel than existing ones.

Improve services provided to the individual in contexts such as transport and healthcare.

Smartphone applications

As the smartphone market is growing at a very fast pace and more and more new types of mobile applications are emerging, insurance companies that are well aware of Insurtech’s innovative trends need to adapt to these consumption patterns.

An application can solve many problems by saving time by providing information that customers are looking for that is not always available on the Internet, or by providing answers to customers at any time. That is, they are a kind of insurance on demand.

In addition, they represent trends in Insurtech, which are always updated and can be supplemented with marketing technologies and interactive features so that offers and purchases can be made on them.

Therefore, if you see that you need an upgrade to improve performance, then choose one of the current trends and trends in Insurtech. This will help to significantly increase the efficiency of work processes.

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